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Dire Predictions On Ebola's Spread From Top Health Organizations

The World Health Organization warns of more than 20,000 cases by early November if help doesn't arrive quickly in West Africa. The CDC projects 1.4 million cases by late January.

Crime Falls As U.S. Locks Up Fewer People, Attorney General Holder Says

For the first time in more than 40 years, both the overall crime rate and the overall incarceration rate have fallen by around 10 percent in a roughly five-year span, the attorney general says.

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Insurance Brokers Key To Kentucky's Obamacare Success

Many brokers feared the new federal health law would make them obsolete. But more than 40 percent of people who signed up for insurance via Kentucky's state exchange used a broker.

Nobelist Muhammad Yunus: Be A Go-Getter, Not A Job Getter

The founding father of "microcredit" is helping to judge a contest with maxidollars: the Clinton Global Initiative's Hult Prize, granting $1 million to a new business idea that'll help the poor.

Move To Curb U.S. Corporate Tax Dodges Could Delay Reform

Business and consumer groups say Congress needs to reform taxes, but few expect change soon. In fact, Treasury's tweaks to tax law may diminish the political will to address broader tax reform.

More Women Skip Prenatal Tests After Learning About Risks

Research suggests that women may not be getting the information they need to make informed decisions about prenatal genetic testing, particularly invasive tests that can harm the fetus.

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Even When Abortion Is Illegal, The Market May Sell Pills For Abortion

An ulcer drug is dramatically changing the face of back-alley abortions in developing countries and cutting the rate of maternal deaths. Misoprostol is widely available even where abortion is banned.

Before You Take A Bite Of That Mushroom, Consider This

Guess what scientists found lurking inside a common-looking packet of supermarket porcini? Three entirely new species of fungi. That's what happens when you sequence the DNA of your dinner.

Al-Qaida's Khorasan Group Led By Hard-Core Fighters

The group, which was targeted by U.S. airstrikes in Syria last night, has been on the U.S. radar for a while. Intelligence officials say they have tracked its individual members for years.

Meet The Global Groups That Alicia Keys Got Naked For

The Grammy-winning singer posed in the nude (in a G-rated way) to draw attention to a dozen charities. Here's a look at the goals of the global players — and what they'd do if money were no object.

2 Men Convicted In Slaying Of Pizza Deliveryman

September 23, 2014

Alexander Gallett and Michel St. Jean were found guilty of first-degree murder by a Suffolk Superior Court jury Tuesday during its second day of deliberations.

The Lawyer Who Would ‘Stop At Nothing To Win’

September 23, 2014
Lawyer Steven Donziger, left, walks with his clients who are members of Ecuador's indigenous Cofan tribe to Federal Court in New York for their hearing with lawyers for Texaco Monday, Feb. 1, 1999. The Ecuadorian rainforest was polluted by Texaco oil drilling. (Adam Nadel/AP)

Paul Barrett’s new book chronicles a decades long environmental case to win compensation for Ecuador’s indigenous tribes, and the lawyer who waged it.

Hernandez Cousin Gets Probation On Contempt Charge

September 23, 2014

A change-of-plea hearing is scheduled for Tanya Singleton in Suffolk Superior Court.

Venue Change Denied For Marathon Suspect’s Friend

September 23, 2014

A judge on Tuesday denied a motion to move next week’s trial for a college friend of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Marathon Suspect’s Friend Renews Bid To Move Trial

September 22, 2014

Robel Phillipos’ lawyers argue that prejudicial pretrial publicity has made it impossible for him to receive a fair trial in Boston. A judge rejected an earlier change of venue motion. Phillipos’ trial is currently scheduled to start next week.

Patrick Discusses Sex Offender Board Shakeup

September 22, 2014

Gov. Deval Patrick is shedding light on the shake-up that occurred in the management of the state’s sex offender registry board.

Massachusetts Wins $400K Prescription Drug Grant

September 20, 2014

Gov. Deval Patrick, who has declared opioid abuse a public health emergency, said Friday that the grant will help improve the state’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, which tracks the prescribing and dispensing of certain scheduled prescriptions drugs by Massachusetts pharmacies.

Family Of Mass. CIA Contractor Slain In Benghazi May Sue

September 19, 2014
The casket of former Navy SEAL Glen Doherty is carried into the Church of St. Eulalia in Winchester, Mass. in 2012. (Elise Amendola/AP)

The family of a CIA contractor killed in Benghazi, Libya, has filed claims seeking $2 million in damages from the CIA and State Department, alleging there was inadequate security at the U.S. diplomatic post and CIA compound when it came under attack by militants in 2012.

Report Faults Town, UMass For ‘Blarney Blowout’ Party Problems

September 19, 2014

Dozens of people, including many students, were arrested and four police officers suffered minor injuries when alcohol-fueled pre-St. Patrick’s Day celebrations got out of control.

Danvers Teen’s Lawyer Seeks Police Communications

September 19, 2014

A lawyer for the Danvers teenager charged with killing his high school math teacher is questioning the timeline given by authorities about the discovery of the victim’s body.

Harvard Law’s Alan Dershowitz On Democracy’s Compromises

September 18, 2014
Members of the anti-war activist group CodePink interrupt a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, left, and Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014. It is the first in a series of high-profile hearings that will measure congressional support for President Barack Obama's strategy to combat Islamic State extremists in Iraq and Syria. (AP)

When confronting terrorism, “how should a democracy decide when to compromise its ideals in pursuit of victory?”

Australian Authorities Say They Have Stopped ISIS Plot

September 18, 2014

Police conducted raids and have detained 15 people after receiving intelligence reports that a senior ISIS leader told followers in Australia to carry out an attack.

Alabama Judge May Resign Amidst Abuse Charges

September 18, 2014

Alabama senators are calling for the resignation of a judge who is charged with beating his wife.

New Plans To Fight Sexual Misconduct On Campus

September 18, 2014
Freshmen Carson Good, left, and Maddy Hershiser say orientations that focus on the laws of consent and on strategies to prevent sexual violence are needed. (Jenny Brundin/CPR)

University of Colorado, Boulder is adding new awareness programs for all incoming students that address stalking, partner abuse and sexual assault.

Judge To Rule Soon On Tsarnaev Trial Delay, Venue

September 18, 2014

A judge has rejected a request from lawyers for Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to hold a hearing on whether to move the trial outside of Massachusetts.

Ex-Lowell Officer Indicted On Manslaughter Charge

September 18, 2014

Eric Wayne was indicted Wednesday on charges of manslaughter by motor vehicle, motor vehicle homicide while operating under the influence, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

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