Weekend Edition Saturday

'House Of Cards' Threatens To Ditch Baltimore For Chicago

Tax credits have long been used to attract film and TV productions. But with the loss of revenue, critics of the practice say those investments are not worth it.

Weekend Edition Saturday

In Silicon Valley, Immigrants Toast Their Way To The Top

Immigrant workers in the Silicon Valley attend Toastmasters meetings to improve their public speaking. Organizers say those skills often lead to increased confidence at work and even job promotions.

Tech Week: Earnings, A Heartbleed Arrest And Digital Distraction

Fears of a bubble continue as tech titans reported their quarterly earnings; the culture of digital distraction finds more critics; and fallout from the Heartbleed bug raises questions for government.

All Things Considered

Airbnb To Start Charging Hotel Taxes In A Handful Of Cities

Airbnb and other rental websites have made billions marketing existing housing to tourists, without hotel tax. Soon, Airbnb will start collecting tax in New York City, San Francisco and Portland, Ore.

All Things Considered

There Is A Media Slant, And Readers Might Be Responsible

Professor and economist Matthew Gentzkow, the recent winner of the John Bates Clark Medal, discusses how to predict media slant and use big data in economics.

Keystone XL Pipeline Review Extended By State Department

Federal agencies are getting more time to review the controversial project, the State Department says, given an ongoing legal battle in Nebraska over whether the pipeline could pass through.

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Gefilte Fish Shortage: Best Thing Since The Parting Of The Red Sea?

A shortage of gefilte fish is causing panic in the middle of Passover. But New York Times reporter Matt Chaban says some observant Jews are OK with not having to eat the love-it-or-hate-it appetizer.

Morning Edition

Wal-Mart To Offer Money-Transfer Service

The giant retailer will go head to head with Western Union and Moneygram in a market worth about $900 billion. But Wal-Mart says it will offer lower fees.

Obama Wants To Sell Exports To Asia, But Critics Aren't Buying

As the president prepares to travel to Asia, the White House says a trade deal would boost U.S. exports. But opponents say the Trans-Pacific Partnership would hurt the environment and U.S. jobs.

Morning Edition

Budget Cuts Threaten Mock Villages At Military Training Center

David Greene talks to Weekend All Things Considered host Arun Rath about his trip to Fort Irwin National Training Center located in the Mojave Desert in Southern California.

Mass. Adds 8,100 Jobs In March; Unemployment Rate Falls To 6.3 Percent

April 17, 2014

BOSTON — The state’s labor force increased by more than 12,000 people in March, another positive sign.

The McCutcheon Decision: Bribery By Another Name?

April 17, 2014
When the unequal influence of rich people is a "fact of life," where's the line between influence and bribery? In this photo, Republican activist Shaun McCutcheon of Hoover, Ala., center, leaves the Supreme Court in Washington, Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2013, after the court's hearing on campaign finance. (Susan Walsh/AP)

When the unequal influence of rich people is a “fact of life,” where’s the line between influence and bribery?

Slow Start To Spring Housing Market

April 16, 2014

Usually as the weather heats up, so does the U.S. housing market. However, it appears the spring selling season is off to a slow start.

Who Wins, Loses In Social Spending

April 16, 2014

Washington Post opinion columnist Catherine Rampell recently sparked a heated debate about government social spending. She joins us.

Tensions Build In San Francisco Amid Tech Boom

April 16, 2014
Members of the Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco and other activists protest outside of City Hall in San Francisco, Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014. San Francisco officials are set to vote on a plan to start regulating employee shuttles for companies like Google, Facebook and Apple, charging a fee for those that use public bus stops and controlling where they load and unload. Private shuttle buses have created traffic problems, blocking public bus stops during peak commute hours. (Jeff Chiu/AP)

As San Francisco experiences a historic economic boom, some activists say not all city residents are reaping the benefits.

Is China Heading Towards A Housing Bust?

April 15, 2014

In Chinese “ghost cities,” 20-story high rises have only a few occupants and developers are offering discounts as high as 40 percent.

What’s Behind The Nasdaq Biotech Sell-Off

April 14, 2014

The Nasdaq fell 3 percent and on Friday it fell again. Many are nervous that we could be in the middle of a tech bubble.

A Gallon Of Gas In Massachusetts Up A Penny

April 14, 2014

BOSTON — AAA Southern New England reports Monday that a gallon of self-serve, regular is up to an average of $5.53 per gallon.

You Don't Think Federal Tax Law Is Funny? Think Again

April 14, 2014
Just in time for Tax Day, a look at why the Internal Revenue Code is unintentionally hilarious. (J. David Ake/AP)

Just in time for Tax Day, a look at why the Internal Revenue Code is unintentionally hilarious.

Everett Landowner Resists Casino Disclosure Pledge

April 11, 2014

BOSTON — One of the owners of land in Everett that Steve Wynn wants to buy to build a casino is refusing to sign a promise that no secret owners would profit from the sale.

Inside The World Of Fast Fashion

April 11, 2014
Buildings are reflected in a Forever 21 storefront in Washington, D.C. Forever 21 is the largest fast fashion retailer based in the U.S. (vpickering/Flickr)

New styles go from runway to retailer at warp speed. We look at the impact of “fast fashion” and who’s behind it.

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