Is Bigger Always Better? The Case For Starting Small With New Learning Ideas

"Will it scale?" is often the first thing we ask about an educational innovation. Two innovators argue that it's the wrong question.

Morning Edition

When A 4-Day School Week Might Cost More Than It Saves

An Arizona school district slimmed down its budget by dropping class on Fridays. But parents say they're having to stretch their wallets to find something for their kids to do on that fifth day.

All Things Considered

In Bid To Welcome Refugees, Campaign Hopes To Make 'Every Campus A Refuge'

Diya Abdo, a professor at Guilford College, has launched Every Campus a Refuge, a project that aims to get every college and university campus to host one Syrian refugee family.

How To Talk To Kids About Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday with a complicated history. So some teachers have developed strategies to teach it to young students.

Morning Edition

Protesting Racial Bias, Students Trade Placards For Pillows

Inspired by the events at Mizzou, students at Occidental College in Los Angeles recently got administrators to agree to a list of demands and are pledging to hold them accountable.

A Mother Hangs Her Hopes On A New High School

No school can succeed without the support of the families who send their children there.

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Goodbye, No Child Left Behind

Congress appears ready to overhaul the nation's most important federal education law, No Child Left Behind. Civil rights groups, though, worry that some changes will hurt poor and minority children.

All Things Considered

CNN's 'The Hunting Ground' Scrutinized For Portrayal Of Campus Sexual Assault

CNN's documentary The Hunting Ground makes the case that universities are letting rapists walk free and has come under withering attack for ignoring facts that contradict the film's claims.

The Lesson Plan For A New School: Teaching 'Joyous Service'

A new father embarks on another big journey: teaching at a startup charter high school in Brooklyn.

Starting A High School From Scratch

There's a lot that goes in to establishing a new charter school. Today: the principal who's making it happen.

Protecting Kids From Marketing, Ads, And Commercialization

November 27, 2015
YouTube Kids is an app with children's programs and parental guides, but some say it's too commercial for children. (Petras Gagilas/Flickr)

Are kids at danger from the influence of corporate marketers when they watch TV or use apps?

As Colleges Educate Players On Concussions, Repeated Head Hits Rise As A Concern

November 25, 2015
Wide receiver Justice Shelton-Mosley, left, takes a hit from defensive back Asante Gibson during a Harvard football practice on Nov. 2. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

Harvard is a leader in the prevention and treatment of concussions among football players. But there’s new focus on sub-concussive hits as well.

AG Healey Launches Student Loan Assistance Unit, Targets Predatory Debt Relief Companies

November 24, 2015
Attorney General Maura Healey addresses the media in June. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

Healey’s office has settled with two companies it alleges charged illegal upfront fees to file applications for federal student debt relief that students could fill out themselves online for free.

Demonstrators At Brandeis Say They’re Prepared To Protest Through Thanksgiving

November 24, 2015

Dozens of student protesters demanding an increase in the diversity of students, staff and faculty at Brandeis University are seeking additional conversations with school administrators.

Who Is Choosing To Home School Children In Massachusetts?

November 23, 2015
The number of families who choose homeschool has been increasing in the U.S., according to 2013 data from National Household Education Survey. Massachusetts families reflect on their own experience with homeschool. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

In the Boston area, more families than ever before are choosing to educate their children outside of district school systems.

Heavy Meddle: The Eternal Parenting Crisis — Private Or Public School?

November 23, 2015
A woman seeks advice on whether to send her twin girls to a posh private school or the public option. (Donnie Ray Jones/ flickr)

A woman seeks advice on whether to send her twin girls to a posh private school or the public option.

Social Media Helps Drive New Generation Of College Protesters

November 20, 2015
In a screen grab from a video posted Wednesday, Nov. 11, a coalition of campus groups for hold a demonstration to protest a lack of support from the Claremont McKenna College administration for students of color and others with marginalized identities. (CMC Forum/YouTube)

Protests in favor of greater diversity and racial awareness on college campuses have spread across the country.

The Rise Of Authoritarian Campus Protesters

November 20, 2015
Students at Boston College raise their arms during a solidarity demonstration on the school's campus, Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015, in Newton, Mass. The protest was among numerous campus actions around the country following the racially charged strife at the University of Missouri. (Steven Senne/ AP)

What’s shocking is the conviction of some students that free expression isn’t just an occasional obstacle to equality but an absolute evil to be exterminated.

Portraits Of Black Faculty Members Defaced At Harvard Law

November 19, 2015

About six portraits were discovered with tape on their glass frames.

Wisconsin Man Asks High Court To Take Up Student Loan Debt Case

November 19, 2015
The Department of Education reported this week that the number of Americans defaulting on their students loans is declining. (jeco/Flickr)

Mark Tetzlaff, 57, has filed a petition with the Supreme Court in hopes of having his student loans written off in bankruptcy court.

Students At French-American School In San Francisco Reflect On Paris Attacks

November 18, 2015

Our partners at Youth Radio visited the French American International School to find out how students are processing the news.

State Board Of Education Votes On MCAS/PARCC Hybrid

November 17, 2015
A sixth grader in Ohio reads through a PARCC practice test. (Ty Wright/AP)

Massachusetts will still be part of the PARCC consortium of states, though it is unclear what the new test will look like.

Students At Southern Methodist University Rally Against Racial Discrimination

November 17, 2015
Students at Southern Methodist University rallying against racial discrimination. Yesterday, about 150 students gathered for a "blackout" to show support for black students at the University of Missouri, and to call attention to racial issues on their own campus. (Holly Hacker/Twitter)

About 150 students held a “blackout” to support students at the University of Missouri and call attention to issues on their own campus.

Officials: Cape Cod Community College Cancels Classes Due To Threat

November 16, 2015

Officials have decided to close the West Barnstable campus tentatively until 12 p.m. Monday following a bomb threat officials say was made to the campus Sunday.

BU Students Protest Peacefully In Show Of Solidarity With Missouri Students

November 13, 2015
Several hundred Boston University students gathered at Marsh Plaza to show solidarity for University of Missouri students who have been protesting the treatment of minorities on their campus. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

Several hundred Boston University students gathered along Commonwealth Avenue Friday to demand that American colleges address the concerns of students of color.

Racial Politics And The New College Activism

November 13, 2015
Protesters celebrate after the resignation of Missouri University president Timothy M. Wolfe on the Missouri University Campus November 9, 2015 in Columbia, Missouri. Wolfe resigned after pressure from students and student athletes over his perceived insensitivity to racism on the university campus. (Brian Davidson/Getty Images)

Protests against racial and cultural insensitivity are planned on more than 20 college campuses around the country this weekend.

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