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For This Mom, A Son's First Step On Campus Took Years Of Twists And Turns

College freshmen across the U.S. are settling in on campus, a time that can be very unsettling for parents. One mother's shares her story of pride, hope and concern as her eldest son starts college.

Jefferson Davis Statue Comes Down At University of Texas

The larger-than-life sculpture of the president of the Confederacy was removed after an appeal to block the move was rejected last week.

50 Percent Off A College Education? Not Such A Good Deal After All

Why so many private colleges are giving out massive discounts.

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Stargazing From The Street Corner, Telescope And Hat In Hand

Herman Heyn has stood on a Baltimore street corner with a telescope almost nightly for 27 years. He does it for tips, for love of the stars — and for the hope he may inspire the same love in others.

Nation's Only All-Women MBA Program To Close

Simmons College in Boston has announced it will transition its brick-and-mortar program to an online-only degree for women and men.

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Hunger Strike Over Future Of Chicago School Enters Its 11th Day

Parents, teachers and activists are fighting to defend a high school the school board voted to close several years ago. They say officials are ignoring their input over what kind of school to reopen.

One-Third Of Schools Are Using This App You've Never Heard Of

Clever, a three-year-old startup, is used by 20 million students and teachers to manage all their other apps.

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Americans Looking For Affordable Degrees Head To Germany

More Americans are studying for graduate degrees in Germany, where many programs are taught in English and tuition is usually free. (This piece first aired on June 28, 2015 on Weekend Edition Sunday).

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Knock Knock, Teacher's Here: The Power Of Home Visits

There was a time when a teacher showing up on a student's doorstep probably meant something bad. But increasingly, home visits are being used to spark parental involvement.

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Authors' Garden Clippings Grow Students' Love Of Literature

High school English teacher Jennifer McQuillan spent the summer collecting clippings from the gardens of American authors. She's using them to plant a "literary garden" in her school's courtyard.

Teaching Matters Of The Heart In Sex Ed

August 31, 2015
The cover of the “go-to” book on puberty, “It’s Perfectly Normal.” (Courtesy Candlewick Press)

Forging paths to better, healthier communication between parents and young people is at the heart of a new sex education curriculum in 175 Massachusetts schools.

Re-Examining The Legal Definition Of Sexual Assault

August 31, 2015
While the jury still deliberates, former St. Paul's School student Owen Labrie, left, leaves the Merrimack Superior Court at the end of day with security in tow Thursday, Aug. 27, 2015, in Concord, N.H.  Labrie was convicted by a jury of several misdemeanors, but ruled not guilty in the most serious felony sexual assault charges. (AP)

A verdict in the New Hampshire prep school rape trial. And calls for changing sexual assault laws.

Annual Boston Tradition: Move-In For Thousands Of City’s College Students

August 31, 2015
On Monday, Kevin Weldon, a Boston University senior, lifts a suitcase into his pickup truck while helping friends relocate from Comm. Ave. to another apartment in Allston. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

Also descending on areas around campuses: city inspectors, seeking to ensure apartments are up to code.

Mixed Reaction To Simmons’ All-Women MBA Moving Online

August 28, 2015
A woman walks by Simmons College campus. (Hadley Green for WBUR)

Simmons students and alumnae worry that the move online will devalue their degrees.

Raising Adults: Is Overparenting Ruining Kids?

August 27, 2015
College students move into dorms. (Kevin Bain/AP)

A former college dean writes that “helicopter parenting” is harming kids and society.

Margaret McKenna Brings Her Civil Rights Mission To Suffolk University

August 27, 2015
Margaret McKenna began her career as a civil rights lawyer. Here, she's pictured with President Jimmy Carter meeting with his commission for the appointment of blacks to the federal judiciary in the fifth circuit at the White House in 1977. From left: Horace Tate, Georgia state senator; Joe Reid; Mrs. Coretta King, widow of Dr. Martin Luther King; Margaret McKenna; Carter; and Attorney General Griffin Bell. (Harvey Georges/AP)

Margaret McKenna is Suffolk’s first female president in the university’s 109-year history.

Fraternity Banners: Harmless Fun Or Sexual Harassment?

August 27, 2015
Banners hanging from an off-campus Old Dominion University fraternity house read "rowdy and fun, hope your baby girl is ready for a good time," "freshman daughter drop off" and "go ahead and drop off mom too." (Facebook)

The signs at Old Dominion University were criticized for mocking sexual violence against women, and sparked national outrage.

New Hampshire Rape Trial Exposes Alleged ‘Hook-Up’ Tradition

August 27, 2015
Owen Labrie looks around the courtroom during his trial, in Merrimack County Superior Court, Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2015, in Concord, N.H. (Jim Cole/AP)

A former student at an elite prep school is on trial for allegedly raping a freshman girl two days before graduation in 2014.

Why Americans Are Turning Against Standardized Tests

August 27, 2015
Yamarko Brown, age 12, works on math problems as part of a trial run of a new state assessment test at Annapolis Middle School in Annapolis, Md., Feb. 12, 2015. The new test, which is scheduled to go into use March 2, 2015, is linked to the Common Core standards, which Maryland adopted in 2010 under the federal No Child Left Behind law, and serves as criteria for students in math and reading. (Patrick Semansky/AP)

The public is pushing back on the testing mandate, saying it’s not a good way to judge teachers, students or schools.

Simmons College Closing Nation’s Only All-Women’s Campus MBA Program

August 27, 2015
The Main College Building on Simmons campus. (Hadley Green for WBUR).

Dean Cathy Minehan said Simmons is not big enough to compete in Boston as a brick-and-mortar business school. Simmons will offer an online MBA, for women and men, through an outside company.

Under Receivership, Gains But More Work Ahead For Lawrence Public Schools

August 26, 2015
Jeff Riley, the receiver of Lawrence schools (Laura Amico/WBUR)

We look at what has changed in Lawrence so far and what still lags behind, with receiver Jeffrey Riley.

Origami For The Digital Age

August 26, 2015
Molly Urbonas, 9, watches polymer shapes change form under a heat lamp at the CU Science Discovery camp. Her project mimics a sophisticated engineering process called “photo origami.” (Courtesy of Patrick Campbell, CU Boulder)

Middle school students in Boulder are learning about a sophisticated engineering process called “photo origami” this summer.

4 Ways To Talk To Teens About The New Hampshire Prep School Rape Trial

August 25, 2015
Owen Labrie listens to testimony in Merrimack County Superior Court Tuesday. He is charged with raping a 15-year-old freshman as part of the "Senior Salute" at the prestigious St. Paul's School in Concord. (Jim Cole/AP)

The case brings up so many complicated issues, from what constitutes consent, to bigger questions about teens and their attitudes and expectations about sex.

CDC Study Says School Starts Too Early For Teens

August 24, 2015
Chronically tired students have higher rates of obesity and depression, and an overall lower quality of life and academic performance, according to a new CDC study. (viictoria4/Flickr)

Chronically tired students have higher rates of obesity and depression and an overall lower quality of life, according to the study.

Public Education In Massachusetts: What It Will Take To Stay On Top

August 24, 2015
We must create the conditions to unleash greatness. (Send me adrift/ flickr)

We must create the conditions to unleash greatness.

Trial Begins For 3rd Of 4 Accused Of 2012 UMass Dorm Rape

August 23, 2015

The other three were charged with three counts of rape. Emmanuel Toffee Bile and Justin King, both 21, were convicted and are serving prison sentences. Twenty-year-old Caleb Womack still faces trial.

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