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Instead Of Staring At Screens, These Kids Stared At Faces

A recent study from researchers at UCLA found that kids who spent a week at outdoor camp — away from all electronic devices — got a lot better at picking up emotion in other people's faces.

Kids And Screen Time: Cutting Through The Static

One Los Angeles school is working technology into the learning process while avoiding traditional screen-time pitfalls.

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Calif. Law Requires 'Affirmative Consent' To Combat Sexual Assault

The new law requires all California colleges and universities to have policies about consent during sex, saying a student needs "affirmative, conscious and voluntary agreement" from their partner.

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Trial To Begin In Atlanta Public Schools' Cheating Scandal

On Monday, opening statements begin in the trial of 12 educators charged in an alleged cheating conspiracy. Originally, 35 were indicted but more than half took plea deals.

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HBCUs Move To Address Campus Sexual Assaults, But Is It Enough?

One major study found sexual assaults are lower on campuses of historically black colleges and universities. But some question those numbers and whether HBCUs have the resolve to address the issue.

Right And Left Joined Forces In Fight To Legalize Home Schooling

Until the late '80s, it was illegal to home-school children in many states. That changed thanks to the joint efforts of conservative Christian home schoolers and anti-authoritarian un-schoolers.

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Maryland School Shreds The Old Rules Of Applying To College

No SATs, no grades? Goucher College now allows students to apply by sending in two work samples and a two-minute video. School president Jose Bowen says it makes the process more accessible.

Student Course Evaluations Get An 'F'

Two recent papers argue that using student surveys to evaluate professors is fundamentally flawed.

Q&A: The Mis-Education Of African-American Girls

A new report digs through the research and finds a daunting list of challenges facing black girls in the classroom.

To Stop Picky Eaters From Tossing The Broccoli, Give Them Choices

When healthier school lunch standards went into effect, many worried kids would toss their mandated veggies. But researchers say letting kids pick what they put on their tray can cut down on waste.

UC System Releases Sexual Assault Policy Recommendations

September 30, 2014
Students walk on campus at University of California at Berkeley (Flickr/johnmorgan)

A UC task force has released its own sexual assault policy recommendations. At the same time, California lawmakers recently passed an affirmative consent law.

As Gender Definitions Expand, So Do Some Women’s Colleges’ Admissions Policies

September 30, 2014
Carly Burton: "Understanding that womanhood is not static has inspired two women’s colleges to change their admissions criteria to consider anyone who identifies as a woman, regardless of their assigned sex at birth." Pictured: Audre Mowry, right, discusses preferred gender pronouns with other members of Mouthing Off!, a group for LGBT students at Mills College, the first women's college in the U.S. to accept students who were not born female but who identify as such. (Mathew Sumner/AP)

Understanding that womanhood is not static has inspired two women’s colleges to change their admissions criteria to consider anyone who identifies as a woman, regardless of their assigned sex at birth.

UMass Amherst Reviews Use Of Confidential Informants

September 29, 2014
A Cleveland police officer looks over bags of heroin at a news conference in Cleveland. (Amy Sancetta/AP)

The heroin overdose death of a UMass Amherst student is raising questions about whether the school did enough to help, and about the use of students as campus informants in drug investigations.

UMass Amherst To Review Campus Police Informant Policy After Overdose Death

September 29, 2014

The university said it will look into whether its policy should be revised to “require informants in a drug case to also receive a mandatory referral to an addiction specialist.”

‘Yes Means Yes’ Sexual Assault Bill Signed Into Law

September 29, 2014

California governor Jerry Brown signed legislation to make sexual consent among college students unambiguous.

Report: Fewer Mass. Public Schools Earn Top Rating

September 29, 2014

The number of Massachusetts public schools securing the top ranking under the state’s rating system has dropped significantly.

For-Profit Schools Sue State Over New Regulations

September 27, 2014

An association representing for-profit schools is suing Attorney General Martha Coakley over new regulations they say are unconstitutional. Coakley says the regulations will help protect students by requiring schools to disclose in ads information about tuition and fees, placement statistics and graduation rates.

Brandeis Case Reveals Complexity Of Disciplining Students For Sexual Assault

September 26, 2014
Brandeis University, seen here in a 2010 file photo, is one of dozens of schools under investigation for its handling of a sexual assault case. (Josh Reynolds/AP)

A federal investigation of Brandeis University for its handling of a sexual assault case reveals how hard it is for universities to handle claims.

Coakley Pledges $225M In New Student Aid

September 25, 2014

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley campaigned Thursday with U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren around the idea of making college more affordable, shifting her focus on the trail from early education to higher education.

Federal Student Loan Defaults Down

September 25, 2014
The Department of Education reported this week that the number of Americans defaulting on their students loans is declining. (jeco/Flickr)

The drop has been attributed to an improving economy and increasing enrollment in federal debt-forgiveness programs.

At Wesleyan, A Mixed Reaction To Move To Co-Ed Frats

September 25, 2014
The Psi Upsilon house at Wesleyan is seen this week. A student who says she was raped at a party at the house is suing the fraternity. (Fred Thys/WBUR)

As Wesleyan University moves to end its all-male fraternities and make residential fraternities co-ed, reactions on campus to the changes are mixed.

Teach Locally, Think Globally: What's Missing From The Common Core

September 25, 2014
Eric Silverman: "Public education must mirror the diversity of our classrooms and prepare American students for productive, purposeful lives anywhere, and everywhere, in the world." (

Public education must mirror the diversity of our classrooms and prepare American students for productive, purposeful lives anywhere, and everywhere, in the world.

Colorado School District In Turmoil Over Board Proposal

September 24, 2014
Students protest a proposal by the Jefferson County School Board to emphasize patriotism and downplay civil unrest in the teaching of U.S. history on Sept. 23, 2014. (Brennan Linsley/AP)

Students walked out of class in protest of a school board proposal that would emphasize patriotism in the U.S. history curriculum.

The Educated Sheep Of The Ivy League

September 24, 2014
An image from the Princeton University campus. (Instagram / @JessHeart23)

A loud complaint that some top American colleges are turning out “excellent sheep.” A sharp critique of the Ivy League.

Wesleyan Orders Fraternities To Go Co-Ed

September 22, 2014

Wesleyan University announced Monday it will require its all-male residential fraternities to begin accepting women within three years because residential fraternities “must change to continue to benefit their members and the larger community.”

TEC Connections Academy: The State’s Newest Virtual Public School

September 22, 2014

Dr. Tyler Page, the lead administrator at the new TEC Connections Academy based in East Walpole, joined WBUR’s Morning Edition.

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