‘Multimillions’ Of Anchovies Spotted Off California Coast

July 9, 2014
Screenshot from Scripps video of the massive anchovy school. (Scripps/YouTube)

It looks like an oil spill, but it’s actually a school of anchovies – the largest such school in 30 years, according to scientists.

Typhoon Lashes Okinawa, Heads North

July 8, 2014
Typhoon Neoguri, pictured here in a satellite image taken July 7, pummeled the southern Japanese islands of Okinawa today. (NOAA)

Typhoon Neoguri thundered over Okinawa today, with wind gusts over 100 miles per hour and 40-foot waves.

The Great White Shark Makes A Comeback

July 4, 2014
Past studies suggested a global decline in great white shark populations, but researchers recently found that the trend has reversed. (Joachim Huber/Flickr)

After years of decline, two recent studies published by the Public Library of Science found that great white shark populations are growing on both U.S. coasts.

Critter Cams Viewers Becoming Citizen Scientists

July 4, 2014

Animal enthusiasts monitoring “critter cams” from the comfort of their couch are helping scientists catalog never-before-seen animal behavior.

Outer Bands Of Hurricane Arthur Start Reaching Parts Of North Carolina

July 3, 2014
This illustration shows the National Hurricane Center’s forecast for Hurricane Arthur, July 3, 2014. (National Hurricane Center)

Arthur has strengthened to a hurricane in the Atlantic, where it threatens to deliver the Carolinas a glancing blow on July 4th.

Red Spruce Makes A Comeback

July 2, 2014
Josh Halman surveys red spruce for signs of "winter injury" or dead needles and buds caused by cold temperatures hitting needles weakened by acid rain. (Sam Evans-Brown/NHPR)

A tree that researchers once thought was doomed because of acid rain, is now growing faster than ever. And its not the only one.

Report: Caribbean Coral Reefs May Disappear In 20 Years

July 2, 2014
Figure 2 from the new report: Phase shift from dominance by corals to dominance by macroalgae on the shallow fore-reefs in the northern Florida Keys and north coast of Jamaica. (A) Discovery Bay, Jamaica in 1975 and (C) the same location in 2013. (B) Carysfort Reef within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary in 1975 and (D) in 2004. (A, B, D by Phillip Dustan, and C by Robert Steneck)

The lead author writes, “Even if we could somehow make climate change disappear tomorrow, these reefs would continue their decline.”

Could Limiting Evaporation Help With Drought?

June 30, 2014
Water levels have dropped at Lake Travis because the drought, May 16, 2011. (Lower Colorado River Authority)

Matt Largey of KUT explains two different approaches for limiting evaporation: a film of vegetable oil and pumping water underground.

New Report Calls For Major Investment In U.S. Infrastructure

June 27, 2014
A new report from the infrastructure industry details six policy recommendations to improve American infrastructure. (Alan Stark/Flickr)

A report released today calls for a whole new vision for maintaining and expanding U.S. infrastructure.

Money Men Tally Cost Of Climate Change

June 24, 2014
Henry Cisernos is a member of the risk committee that produced a report called "Risky Business" on the cost of climate change. (Wikimedia Commons)

Henry Cisneros, a member of the risk committee that created the “Risky Business” report, discusses the findings and objectives.

Expert Who First Spotted Lyme In Ticks Calls ‘Chronic’ Lyme Overdiagnosed

June 24, 2014
Lyme disease is spread by deer ticks like this one. (Getty Creative Images)

Since discovering Lyme disease, Dr. Allen Steere has been on what he’s called a “long journey” to research it.

Oklahoma Experiencing Dramatic Increase In Earthquakes

June 24, 2014
Chad Devereaux examines bricks that fell from three sides of his in-laws home in Sparks, Okla., Nov, 6, 2011, following two earthquakes that hit the area in less than 24 hours. (Sue Ogrocki/AP)

Just five years ago, Oklahoma was averaging only two earthquakes a year of magnitude 3.0 or greater. Now, it’s averaging one or two a day.

Supreme Court Decisions On Halliburton, EPA Authority

June 23, 2014

Emily Bazelon discusses today’s rulings on Halliburton and the EPA’s power to force companies to reduce emissions.

Unlocking The Secret Of The Fire Ant's Survival Raft

June 20, 2014
Fire ants form a "raft" that floats and is watertight, even as researchers agitate the cluster. (AntlabGT/YouTube)

Fire ants, when threatened, perform amazing feats of acrobatics to save their communities, according to researchers from Georgia Tech.

Growers Give Seeds To Libraries

June 20, 2014
One of the goals of the seed lending library movement is to preserve antique fruit, vegetables and flowers, otherwise known as heirlooms. (Andrea Shea/WBUR)

In an effort to preserve the plants they grow, farmers are depositing their seeds in libraries like this one in Concord, Massachusetts.

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