In Seattle, A Focus On Students’ Emotions

April 14, 2016
In fifth-grade teacher Ryan Schaedig's class, students take time out for self-reflection in this corner. (Ann Dornfield/KUOW)

Some schools are taking a new look at teaching social and emotional skills to students, in addition to academic subjects.

As Coal Falters, Wind Energy Is Soaring

April 14, 2016
Wind turbines (napdsp/Flickr)

More wind power was added last year than any other electricity source in the U.S., according to the American Wind Energy Association.

Death Toll Rises In Flint Water Contamination Scandal

April 12, 2016
Gov. Rick Snyder, (R-MI), looks at papers during a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing, about the Flint, Michigan water crisis, on Capitol Hill March 17, 2016 in Washington, DC. The committee is examining how lead ended up in the public drinking water in Flint, Michigan.  (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Two more deaths in the Flint area have been linked to Legionnaires’ disease, a severe form of pneumonia.

Step Forward For Largest Dam Removal Project In U.S. History

April 7, 2016
A dammed portion of the Klamath River. Native American tribes, conservation groups and commercial fishermen have been advocating for years to remove the dams. (Sheila Sund/Flickr)

The removal of the dams would open up 300 miles of historic habitat for salmon on the Klamath River.

A Big Slowdown In Pennsylvania Fracking

April 6, 2016
Jerry Lee Edwards, 73, sits in his Waynesburg, Pennsylvania store, where he sold work clothes to natural gas workers. His business, which is closing this spring, is one of the casulaties of the slowdown in Pennsylvania's once booming natural gas industry. Photo: Reid Frazier

A steady drop in natural gas prices has forced energy companies drilling in Pennsylvania to layoff workers and shut down operations.

Rooftop Solar Gets A Scare In Southwest

April 1, 2016
Nationally, the residential solar company is booming but if Nevada sets a precedent, that could affect more homes like this one in Scottsdale, Arizona, from installing panels

After a rate hike for customers with solar panels was announced in Nevada, the state lost a number of jobs and small companies.

Fact And Fiction About Monsanto

April 1, 2016
The entrance sign is seen at the headquarters of Monsanto, at Creve Coeur (St. Louis), Missouri, on April 7, 2014. Monsanto is the world's largest seed supplier. (Juliette Michel/AFP/Getty Images)

Following our interview with Monsanto’s CEO, NPR’s Dan Charles joins us to dig into some of the claims he made.

Alaska Volcano Mellows After Wreaking Havoc

March 31, 2016
In this Sunday, March 27, 2016, photo, Pavlof Volcano, one of Alaska’s most active volcanoes, erupts, sending a plume of volcanic ash into the air. The Alaska Volcano Observatory says activity continued Monday. Pavlof Volcano is 625 miles southwest of Anchorage on the Alaska Peninsula, the finger of land that sticks out from mainland Alaska toward the Aleutian Islands. (Colt Snapp/AP)

The blast from Pavlof Volcano inconvenienced travelers and spewed ash over the village of Nelson Lagoon, about 55 miles away.

Monsanto CEO: ‘Roundup Is Not A Carcinogen’

March 31, 2016
Hugh Grant, Monsanto chairman and chief executive officer, addresses Monsanto employees at the Monsanto Chesterfield Village Research Center groundbreaking on Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2013 in Chesterfield, Mo. (Whitney Curtis / AP Images for Monsanto Co.)

In the second part of our interview, Hugh Grant discusses pesticides, PCBs and organic farming.

Study Raises New Concern About Global Warming

March 31, 2016
Ice floats on the surface of the sea in the western Antarctic peninsula, on March 05, 2016. Waddling over the rocks, legions of penguins hurl themselves into the icy waters of Antarctica, foraging to feed their young. Like seals and whales, they eat krill, an inch-long shrimp-like crustacean that forms the basis of the Southern Ocean food chain. But penguin-watchers say the krill are getting scarcer in the western Antarctic peninsula, under threat from climate change and fishing. AFP PHOTO/EITAN ABRAMOVICH / AFP / EITAN ABRAMOVICH (Photo credit should read EITAN ABRAMOVICH/AFP/Getty Images)

Global warming could disintegrate the vast ice Antarctic ice sheet sooner than originally thought, according to the study in Nature.

South African Lion Faces Death After Escaping Game Park

March 30, 2016
In this July 23, 2015 photo provided by SANParks, Sylvester the lion is seen after he was recaptured after escaping from the Karoo National Park near Beaufor West, South Africa. Now he has broken out again. (Gabriella Venter/SANSParks via AP)

It’s the second time Sylvester has escaped from Karoo National Park. There has been public outcry not to kill him once he’s captured.

As Nuclear Plant Seeks 20-Year Renewal, N.Y. Governor Calls For Shutdown

March 30, 2016
A security boat sits in front of Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant on the Hudson River March 22, 2011 in Buchanan, N.Y. The Indian Point station, comprised of two operating nuclear reactors, sits atop the Ramapo fault line, causing concern for some residents in the wake of the Japan disaster. (Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images)

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is renewing calls for a shutdown of the Indian Point nuclear reactor near New York City.

Earthquake Hazard Map Includes Human-Caused Quakes For First Time

March 29, 2016
USGS map displaying intensity of potential ground shaking from natural and human-induced earthquakes. There is a small chance (one percent) that ground shaking intensity will occur at this level or higher. There is a greater chance (99 percent) that ground shaking will be lower than what is displayed in these maps.

Oklahoma tops the list of the states most vulnerable to human-caused quakes. Some areas are now as earthquake-prone as California.

In Nevada, A 21st Century Rain Dance

March 28, 2016
Drone America's Savant UAS is mounted with silver iodide flares in preparation for a joint cloud seeding test with the Desert Research Institute (DRI) in Fernley, Nevada, on Friday, March 18, 2016. (Kevin Clifford/Drone America)

Researchers are using drones for cloud seeding, a method of increasing precipitation during times of drought.

A Look At The Critically Endangered Asiatic Cheetahs

March 25, 2016
Smaller and even thinner than African cheetahs, Asiatic cheetahs, like this one in Naybandan Wildlife Refuge, are now found only in Iran. Today, among their top threats are cars, dogs and gazelle poachers on motorcycles. (Courtesy IR DoE/CACP/WCS/UNDP)

With only 50 left in the world, what can be done to save the Asiatic cheetah?

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