'Crippling' Snowfall Predicted As Storm Hits Northeast

In areas such as New York City, the worst of the snow is expected to hit around midnight. The next time the city will have less than a 50 percent chance of snow won't come until 3 p.m. ET Tuesday.

Argentina's President Dissolves Intelligence Agency, Citing Prosecutor's Death

A week after an Argentine prosecutor was found dead on the eve of his testimony about an alleged government cover-up of a terrorist attack, President Cristina Fernandez unveils a new plan.

Backed By U.S.-Led Coalition, Kurds Take Kobani From ISIS

The Syrian town was not seen as militarily important, but Islamic State propaganda bumped it up the list of targets.

Medicare Looks To Speed Up Pay For Quality Instead Of Volume

The administration wants to tie more of Medicare's spending on health care to quality and to encourage doctors and hospitals to be more frugal in their spending.

Jeffrey Sterling, Former CIA Officer, Is Convicted Of Espionage

Jeffrey Sterling was fired from the CIA in 2002. His case has drawn wide attention in part because he was accused of giving secret information to James Risen of The New York Times.

All Things Considered

Accused Bomber's Lawyers Say Boston Jury Pool Is Too Biased

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's attorneys are again asking that his trial, now in the jury selection phase, be moved. Lawyers say they have data showing that enough impartial jurors cannot be found in the city.

An Asteroid Is Passing Very Close To Earth Today. Here's How To See It

At its closest point, asteroid 2004 BL86 came within about 750,000 miles from Earth — or almost three times farther away than the moon.

At Koch Summit, A Freewheeling Debate Among GOP Hopefuls

Do billionaires have too much influence in both major parties? Three top Republican presidential prospects — Sens. Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz — say no.

Sandwich Monday: Girl Scout Cookie Coffeemate

For this week's Sandwich Monday, we try Girl Scout Cookies in a new form. Coffeemate has somehow blended them into nondairy creamer, so you can start your day the disturbing way.

Intended For Millennials, Dish's Sling TV Is A Cord Cutter's Dream

Dish Network soon debuts its Sling TV streaming service, with a small group of cable channels for $20 a month. NPR TV critic Eric Deggans tried it and says Sling TV is a welcome challenge to cable.

Limitations Of Winter Freeze Inspire Maine Chef

January 26, 2015
Executive Chef David Levi prepares turnips for dinner at Vinland in downtown Portland, Maine. (Peter O'Dowd)

The food at Vinland in downtown Portland is 100 percent locally sourced, even in the dead of winter.

How Food Ads Get Into Our Brains, And What We Can Do To Avoid Mindless Eating

January 21, 2015
Watching TV and eating popcorn. (ginnerobot/Flickr)

Brian Wansink, director of Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab and author of “Mindless Eating” and “Slim by Design,” shares insight and advice.

Corn And Soy Farmers May Not Benefit From Bumper Crops

January 16, 2015
Corn and soy crop production soared in 2014 , but good news in the fields might mean bad news in the markets.

While the farmers saw record harvests in 2014, they’re selling the crops at a lower price. An agricultural economist joins us.

6 Top Food Trends In 2015

January 15, 2015
Savory yogurt is one of this year's top food trends. (Blue Hill Yogurt/Facebook)

Two foodies join us to take a look at the latest food trends, which include savory yogurt and full-fat dairy.

USDA Hunts For Avian Flu In Pacific Northwest

January 13, 2015
Randy Wilson, with the USDA, holds a duck just after testing it for avian flu at a press event in Kennewick, Washington.

The USDA and Washington state officials are testing flocks for the highly pathogenic H5N8 strain of avian flu.

Pasta Recipes And Tips From Kathy Gunst

January 12, 2015
This baked penne with cheese sauce and sautéed mushrooms is Kathy Gunst's take on mac and cheese. (Rachel Rohr)

Our resident chef came back from Italy with new pasta recipes to share, as well as eight tips for making great pasta.

Is Making Sausage A Manly Pursuit? One Local Female Charcutiere Says Not Necessarily

January 8, 2015
Charcutiere Julie Biggs (Courtesy Julie Biggs)

Boston-area charcutiere Julie Biggs is up for a Good Food Award Thursday night in San Francisco.

California Dairy Owners Find Greener Pastures In Midwest

January 8, 2015
Dairy farmer Brian Azevedo plans to sell his dairy in Merced, Calif., and move to South Dakota. (Ezra David Romero/Harvest Public Media)

Some dairy owners in the nation’s number one dairy state are selling their cattle and heading to the Midwest.

Is Sugar More Addictive Than Cocaine?

January 7, 2015
In 2014, Americans were eating more sugar than ever before -- on average, about 160 pounds a year. (howzey/Flickr)

A cardiovascular research scientist discusses why added sugar is so bad for us, and why we can’t stop eating it.

Is The Supermarket The Next Big Food Trend?

January 2, 2015
To get to the Time Warner Center Whole Foods Market, customers must descend via escalator through a food court. More supermarkets are adding a seating area to their floor plans. (michaelnyc/Flickr)

The next trend in dining? It might be eating out at the supermarket, many of which are beginning to add sit-down eating areas to their floor plans.

The 'Tastemakers' Who Shape Our Food Trends

December 31, 2014
A baking crew makes Cronuts, a croissant-donut hybrid, at the Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York. (AP)

From cronuts to kale chips to gluten-free, a look at food crazes and the people who create them.

Cataloging The World’s Endangered Foods With ‘The Ark Of Taste’

December 30, 2014
"The Ark of Taste" event brings attention to disappearing food items and products from around the world. (Kathy Gunst/Here & Now)

Here & Now resident chef Kathy Gunst attended a conference bringing attention to the disappearing varieties of global foods and food products.

Brookline’s ‘Society Of Grownups’ Offers Financial Literacy With A Twist

December 29, 2014
The Society of Grown Ups aims to engage people to talk about money. (Courtesy Society of Grown Ups)

The Society of Grownups, a company in Brookline’s Washington Square, wants to help you deal with the finances of getting a job, buying a house, planning for retirement and maybe even learning a thing or two about good wine.

‘Moo Shu Jew’ Is Jewish Comedy And Chinese Food On Christmas Eve

December 24, 2014

On Christmas Eve, you’ll probably find many Jewish families gathered around the table for a traditional Christmas meal — at the local Chinese Restaurant.

Gourmet Magazine Editor Ruth Reichl Dishes About First Novel

December 24, 2014

Acclaimed for her non-fiction, Reichl has turned her talents to fiction in “Delicious!”

Cooking Up Tradition, And Keeping A Departed Loved One Close

December 24, 2014
In the kitchen with her own girls, a daughter remembers her mother and the season she loved most. (erin_m/Flickr)

In the kitchen with her own girls, a daughter remembers her mother and the season she loved most.

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