For Dollars Donated To Vaccine Campaigns, Norway Wears The Crown

Donations to the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization hit $7.5 billion. The UK and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation were the most generous dollar-wise. Norway is the per capita champ.

To Protect His Son, A Father Asks School To Bar Unvaccinated Children

A 6-year-old can't be vaccinated against measles because he is recovering from leukemia. He faces a higher risk because parents at his California school have chosen not to vaccinate their kids.

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Orange County Fights To Contain Measles Outbreak

Melissa Block talks with Dr. Eric G. Handler, health officer for Orange County, Calif. The biggest number of measles cases have been reported in his county, a dozen of which are linked to Disneyland.

Am I Responsible If The Insurance Exchange Flubs My Subsidy?

Mistakes are made. If the health insurance marketplaces screw up in calculating subsidies for consumers, it's the individual who is likely to be on the hook for repaying the excess.

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It's Been A Hard 12-Step Road For Zanzibar's Heroin Addicts

An island off the coast of Tanzania has one of the world's highest addiction rates. But the majority of its people, who are Muslims, are uneasy with the 12-step recovery program's Christian concepts.

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Child Abuse And Neglect Laws Aren't Being Enforced, Report Finds

Almost 680,000 children in the United States were victims of abuse in 2013. And state and local governments aren't doing enough to report abuse and investigate it, according to an independent study.

Medicare Looks To Speed Up Pay For Quality Instead Of Volume

The administration wants to tie more of Medicare's spending on health care to quality and to encourage doctors and hospitals to be more frugal in their spending.

Pediatricians Say Don't Lock Up Teenagers For Using Marijuana

Making pot legal for adults means teens will be more likely to use it too, say pediatricians. And while they're concerned about health effects, they say there are better ways to deter usage than jail.

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Guinea's Grand Imam Pulls No Punches In His Ebola Message

Religious leaders must play a role in stopping the outbreak in this West African country, the cleric says. And that will mean changing not only attitudes but funeral practices.

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High Schools Seek A Safer Path Back From Concussion

Returning immediately to demanding physical or mental activities after a concussion can be bad for the brain, neuroscientists agree. But what about after symptoms resolve? How much rest is best?

The Surprising Science Behind Your Favorite Flavors

January 28, 2015

Did our sense of taste make us human? From evolution to culture, a new book explores the science and perception of flavor.

Report: All 50 States Failing To Help Abused And Neglected Kids

January 27, 2015

The Children’s Advocacy Institute says every state has failed to meet minimum federal requirements for the care of abused children.

How To Live Like A Victorian, Right Now

January 26, 2015
Frederick Daniel Hardy's "Baby's Birthday" (1867) shows a typical Victorian English family at home.  (Wikimedia / Creative Commons)

Brush your teeth with soot, stay away from water, wear a steel corset. We’ll talk with the author of “How to be a Victorian.” Strange ways from another age.

Ebola Denial Still A ‘Huge Problem,’ Despite Few New Cases In Guinea

January 23, 2015
A Guinean student gets his temperature checked on January 19, 2015 as he enters at the Oumou Diaby school in the Ratoma area of Conakry as students head back to school after nearly four months of school recess due to the Ebola outbreak. (Cellou Binani/AFP/Getty Images)

The number of new Ebola cases in Guinea is dropping steadily, but there are still places where people are performing unsafe burials.

How To Keep That Fitness Resolution

January 23, 2015
Runner (Jim Larson/Flickr)

It’s that time of year when the post-New Year’s crowd at the gym starts to thin. We get advice on how to stick with it.

New Challenges To Telemed Abortions In Iowa

January 22, 2015
Planned Parenthood Rosenfield Center Manager Fiona Tubmen-Scovack (left) and Dr. Jill Meadows demonstrate telemed abortion. (Sarah Boden/Iowa Public Radio)

Critics argue that a doctor cannot determine if a patient is a suitable candidate for medical abortion using a video conference.

New Kidney Transplant Rules Aim For Equity

January 21, 2015
University Hospitals' Dr. Mark Aeder explains how the kidney-patient matching system for transplants works. (ideastream)

More than 100,000 people in the U.S. are waiting for a kidney transplant. That’s a longer waiting list than for any other organ.

How Food Ads Get Into Our Brains, And What We Can Do To Avoid Mindless Eating

January 21, 2015
Watching TV and eating popcorn. (ginnerobot/Flickr)

Brian Wansink, director of Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab and author of “Mindless Eating” and “Slim by Design,” shares insight and advice.

Learn To Cope Founder To Attend State Of The Union

January 20, 2015

Drug use in Massachusetts and the state’s addiction epidemic is something a Raynham woman hopes President Obama will discuss in his State of the Union address Tuesday night. Joanne Peterson — who founded Learn to Cope, a support group for loved ones of those struggling with addiction — was invited to attend the State of […]

What’s Behind The Decision To Keep Your Name Or Take Your Spouse’s?

January 20, 2015
How did you -- or will you -- decide when it comes to your maiden name? (Tela Chhe/Flickr)

If you’re planning on getting married someday, have you decided whether you’ll take your spouse’s name or keep your own? Or will you adopt a hyphenated name? Or maybe some new combination hybrid name?

Mass. Mother Pushes To Criminalize Synthetic Drug 25I After Daughter’s Death

January 20, 2015

An East Bridgewater mother is asking state lawmakers to criminalize a synthetic hallucinogen she says killed her 15-year-old daughter after she used it just once.

Obama Gives Ebola Doctor Prime Seat At State Of The Union

January 20, 2015
Dr. Pranav Shetty (right) travels with the International Medical Corps’ ambulance team in Bong County, Liberia as they transport a person suspected to have been infected with Ebola. (Stuart J. Sia/International Medical Corps)

Dr. Pranav Shetty has been at the heart of the battle to fight the Ebola outbreak. He will sit with the First Lady during tonight’s address.

Study: Social Media Doesn’t Stress People Out; People Stress People Out

January 20, 2015
People using their phones (Adam Fagen/Flickr)

A new study by Pew Research Center found that frequent internet and social media users do not have higher levels of stress.

Remembering Graboys, Who Was ‘Born A Doctor’ — A Doctor Who Would Later Fight His Own Illnesses

January 19, 2015

Boston cardiologist Dr. Thomas Graboys was known not only for his love of medicine, but also for the intimate attention he paid to his patients.

What’s The Best Way To Fight The Flu?

January 16, 2015
There's been recent debate about the effectiveness of Tamiflu, an antiviral medication. (el_finco/Flickr)

This year’s flu season is a nasty one. The current flu vaccine is a poor match for the virus that’s out there, which can cause some pretty severe symptoms.

Cambridge Writer Unites Children Of AIDS Victims On ‘Recollectors’ Website

January 15, 2015
Tony Tualaulelei, Mark Mageo and Jeff Tover stand with arms around each other during a silent moment as candles are placed in front of San Francisco’s City Hall on May 19, 1991 as part of the 8th San Francisco AIDS Candlelight Memorial and Mobilization Vigil. (John G. Mabanglo/AP)

Alysia Abbott lost her father to AIDS in the early 1990s, when he was living in San Francisco and the virus was claiming lives of thousands of mostly young gay men across the country.

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