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FDA Issues First Regulations On Electronic Cigarettes

The Food and Drug Administration has issued sweeping regulations that for the first time assert federal authority over electronic cigarettes, which have become increasingly popular, especially among young people.

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CDC Announces Listeria Outbreak In Frozen Produce

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced a listeria outbreak earlier this week that has sickened eight people. Frozen fruits and vegetables are believed to be the cause. Now, there's a massive recall of frozen products. To minimize risk, experts say to microwave or cook frozen produce to kill potential pathogens.

Risk Of Opioid Overdose Climbs At Middle Age

Most of the millions taking prescription painkillers are older than 45, research shows, and there's been a recent increase in drug overdose deaths among people over 55. Drug mixing is partly to blame.

U.S. To Ship Peanuts To Feed Haitian Kids; Aid Groups Say 'This Is Wrong'

On paper, the USDA's plan to send surplus peanuts to feed 140,000 malnourished Haitian schoolchildren sounds heroic. But aid groups say it could devastate Haiti's peanut farmers.

California Raises Age Of Tobacco Purchase To 21 And Tightens Vaping Rules

A package of tobacco bills signed into state law this week aims to cut the use of tobacco and e-cigarettes by adolescents and young adults, proponents say. Military personnel can still buy at age 18.

FDA Acts To Regulate E-Cigarettes And Cigars For The First Time

The Food and Drug Administration has issued sweeping new rules that tighten its control over e-cigarettes, banning their sale to minors. The agency is also expanding its regulation of tobacco.

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Can A Hospital Tell A Doctor To Stop Talking About Abortion?

A doctor filed a complaint against a Washington, D.C., hospital, saying that by telling her not to say that she does abortions, the hospital is stigmatizing the procedure. The hospital cites safety.

'I've Got Your Back,' Obama Tells Residents Of Flint, Mich., Amid Water Crisis

The president told an energetic audience he "will not rest" until the city's water is safe to drink. A federal state of emergency has been declared as a result of lead leaching into Flint's water.

Ex-Chemist In Massachusetts Was High On Drugs At Work For 8 Years

Documents released Tuesday say Sonja Farak was under the influence of methamphetamines, ketamine, cocaine, LSD and other drugs nearly every day between 2005 and 2013.

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Correction: U.S. Global AIDS Program PEPFAR

In a story about the U.S. global AIDS program, PEPFAR, we incorrectly said President Obama removed the requirement for PEPFAR to fund abstinence programs. The requirement was actually removed near the end of the George W. Bush administration.

Lead Exposure Possible At Some Boston Public Schools

May 5, 2016
Old pipes, like these from Galesburg, Ill. have lead to tainted water in Mass. (Seth Perlman/AP)

Two Boston Public School employees are on administrative leave as officials work to figure why some school water fountains were activated before water testing was finished.

One Breast Cancer Advocate On Why She Hates Fundraising Walks

May 5, 2016
Participants attend the 2011 Avon Walk For Breast Cancer New York on October 16, 2011 in New York City. (Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Avon)

Karuna Jaggar, who runs a breast cancer organization, expresses her concerns about the impact of large-scale fundraising walks.

FDA Clamps Down On E-Cigarettes

May 5, 2016
This morning, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration finalized long-awaited rules restricting access to e-cigarettes, cigars and hookahs. (Lindsay Fox/Flickr)

It’s the first federal law regulating e-cigarettes and other “vaping” products.

Boston Students May Have Been Exposed To Lead In Water

May 5, 2016
A sign warns people not to drink water contaminated with lead from a fountain in Flint, Mich. But Flint isn't the only place concerned about its water. Four schools in Boston believe a miscommunication may have led to students being exposed to lead-tainted water. (Jacquelyn Martin/AP)

Officials say students at four Boston public schools may have been exposed to lead-tainted water from drinking fountains that were mistakenly turned on too soon.

Nick And Rob Reiner On Drug Addiction And ‘Being Charlie’

May 5, 2016
Rob Reiner with his son, Nick. [Courtesy: Paladin]

Filmmaker, actor Rob Reiner and his son, Nick, get personal in their new film “Being Charlie,” which takes on drug addiction.

Mother Refuses To Gloss Over Addiction And Overdose In Daughter's Obituary

May 4, 2016
Kelsey (R) stands with her mother Kathleen Errico (Center) and sister Kaitlyn Meehan. (Photo courtesy of Kathleen Errico)

Kathleen Errico’s daughter, Kelsey Endicott, lost her battle with opioid addiction in April, 2016.

For Insomniacs, Behavioral Therapy Is Better Than Sleeping Pills

May 4, 2016
The American College of Physicians this week said that insomnia is better treated with therapy than sleeping pills. (Lindsayy/Flickr)

If you have chronic insomnia, the American College of Physicians this week said that it’s better treated with therapy than sleeping pills.

New Study Finds Patients Who ‘Shop Around’ For Health Care Don’t Pay Less

May 3, 2016
The biggest health care news of 2015 didn't come from Congress or the White House -- it came from the Supreme Court. The Court upheld a key component of the Affordable Care Act. (Don Ryan/AP)

Under Massachusetts law, patients should be able to find out in advance how much a medical procedure will cost. But, does that lower health care prices?

Letter From ‘Little Miss Flint’ Inspires Obama To Visit

May 3, 2016
Mari Copeny earned the name "Little Miss Flint" for her community activism. (LuLu Brezzell/Courtsey)

Obama will visit Flint, Michigan on Wednesday to meet with residents who’ve lived with contaminated water.

Devoured: We Are What (And How) We Eat

May 3, 2016
IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR ALDI - Grocery shoppers experience ALDI during the grand opening of the first of eight Southern California locations on Thursday, March 24, 2016, in Moreno Valley, Calif. ALDI, one of America's favorite grocery stores, will open approximately 45 stores in Southern California by the end of 2016. (Photo by Casey Rodgers/Invision for ALDI/AP Images)

From chicken wings to kale smoothies, we look at what we eat, and how challenging it is to eat well in America.

After ‘The Biggest Loser’: The Body’s Fight To Regain Weight

May 3, 2016
In this photo taken Thursday, Sept. 17, 2009, fifteen-year-old Amorette Castillo has her sensor checked before starting a series of physical activities at a University of Southern California lab in Alhambra, Calif. Scientists across the country are playing with miniature gadgets and fitting them on the overweight and obese to get an unbiased glimpse into their exercise and eating habits. The cell phone for gathering data is on her hip. (AP Photo/Kim Johnson Flodin)

Weight loss lessons from the TV show “The Biggest Loser”. A study of the show’s contestants reveals why it’s so hard to keep off the weight we lose.

What It’s Like To Live With Early Stage Alzheimer’s

May 3, 2016
Geri Taylor, camera in tow, at the Hoover Dam in 2014. Photography had been a sideline for 30 years, but now she could really devote time to it.

We look at how one women prepares for the full onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

A Foodie’s Life After Chemo: Learning How To Eat, Again

May 3, 2016
Deena Zeplowitz: I’ve got my eyes on the long game. I refuse to let chemo destroy my favorite flavors. (Lily Lvnatikk/Unsplash)

I’ve got my eyes on the long game. I refuse to let chemo destroy my favorite flavors.

Mass. Statistics Show Opioid Overdose Deaths Continue To Rise

May 2, 2016
Data on fentanyl overdoses were included in the state's statistics for 2015 for the first time. (Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office via AP)

The opioid crisis in Massachusetts continued to worsen in 2015, with more people succumbing to overdoses, according to the latest quarterly snapshot from the state Department of Public Health.

A Candid Conversation With Public Radio’s Diane Rehm

May 2, 2016
Robin Young stands with Diane Rehm after their conversation at a Harvard Book Store event in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The radio show host discusses her husband’s illness and their often fraught marriage.

UK Doctors’ Group Comes Out In Support Of E-Cigarettes

April 29, 2016
This morning, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration finalized long-awaited rules restricting access to e-cigarettes, cigars and hookahs. (Lindsay Fox/Flickr)

An influential doctors group in the UK has come out in support of e-cigarettes to help people quit smoking.

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