Why Shark Finning Bans Aren't Keeping Sharks Off The Plate (Yet)

Fewer shark fins are being imported into Hong Kong, the epicenter of shark-fin soup, a culinary delicacy. But while the trade in shark fins may be down, the trade in shark meat is still going strong.

Clinton Foundation Funding Woes Touch Hillary, Too

With Clinton potentially prepping for a presidential run, her role in the Clinton Foundation raises questions about big contributions from foreign governments, corporations and individuals.

Round 2: Health Care Law Faces The Supreme Court Again

In King v. Burwell, Obamacare's opponents are challenging the ACA again, this time contending that a section of the law doesn't authorize subsidies to make mandated insurance affordable in 34 states.

4 Reasons Both Parties Should Be Sweating Bullets Over King V. Burwell

The biggest political threat of the latest challenge to Obamacare is to the president, but Republicans wouldn't be winners either.

FDA Mandates Tougher Warnings On Testosterone

The agency says the labels for testosterone drugs must state they aren't approved to fight aging and may increase the risk for heart attacks and strokes.

FAA Is Trying To Keep Hackers Out Of Air Traffic Control, Official Says

FAA Administrator Michael Huerta tells a House panel that some vulnerabilities reported in a congressional study have been fixed, and the agency is working on others.

All Things Considered

In France, Young Muslims Often Straddle Two Worlds

An estimated 40 percent of France's 7 million Muslims live in and around Paris, many of them in the poor suburbs. It's hard to escape the banlieues, even for those who work or attend school elsewhere.

Tea Tuesdays: Kenyan Farmers See Green In The Color Purple

Kenya has spent 25 years developing a purple "supertea" with high levels of antioxidants. The hope is that the tea will appeal to health-minded consumers and revive the country's struggling industry.

Internet Memes And 'The Right To Be Forgotten'

Becoming Internet-famous is a gold mine for some, a nightmare for others. The world of memes can pit free speech against the desire for privacy. And laws generally aren't keeping up, an expert says.

All Things Considered

Not Clearing The Snow Off Your Car Before Driving Could Cost You

A Pennsylvania lawmaker wants to fine people who don't clean snow off their cars before getting on the road. Other states have similar laws. But for trucks, clearing the snow poses its own hazard.

Want To Listen To Lead Belly? Here’s Where To Start

March 2, 2015
Musician Lead Belly plays an accordion in an undated photograph. (Wikicommons)

Loved our show on Lead Belly, but unsure on where you should start to listen? Jeff Place of the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage offers his best picks for a beginning Lead Belly listener.

Young Singers Beat The Odds To Sing With National Honor Choir

February 27, 2015
Fifth graders (from left) Claire Thompson, Sophia Porreca and Tamilyn Lechuga all attend Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy. (Courtesy Denver Public Schools)

Three students beat the odds to perform in one of the most prestigious junior choruses in the country.

Tuning In To The Lead Belly Sound

February 27, 2015
This image released courtesy of the Lead Belly Estate shows folk and blues musician Huddie William Ledbetter, better known as Lead Belly. Huddie "Lead Belly" Ledbetter never had a hit record before he died of Lou Gehrig's disease in 1949. (AP)

Going back to Lead Belly. The blues legend is back. His influences, as big as ever.

Country Star Jennifer Nettles Hits The Broadway Stage In ‘Chicago’

February 26, 2015
Jennifer Nettles behind the scenes of her photo shoot for her Broadway debut as Roxie Hart In 'Chicago' on December 10, 2014, in New York City. (Jenny Anderson/Getty Images)

The Grammy-winning country music star best known for her band Sugarland is playing the role of Roxie Hart in the musical.

DJ Sessions: New Music From Nashville

February 25, 2015
Teea Goans' song "Memories to Burn" is one of the songs recommended by Marcia Campbell in this DJ Session. (Terry Choate)

For this week’s DJ Session, Marcia Campbell shares songs from Teea Goans, Reba McEntire, Chris Stapleton and Earls of Leicester.

New Album From ‘Genius’ Jazz Musician Vijay Iyer

February 24, 2015
Musician Vijay Iyer performs on May 1, 2013 in Brooklyn, New York. (Matthew Eisman/Getty Images)

Pianist and composer Vijay Iyer has won numerous awards for his work. His trio is out with a new album called “Break Stuff.”

Wendy Whelan Just Keeps Dancing

February 24, 2015
Wendy Whalen, in a photographic portrait by Nisian Hughes. (Nisian Hughes)

Prima ballerina Wendy Whelan is with us. One of the country’s most famous ballerinas looks at dance as she approaches 50.

Music On Only A Game

February 21, 2015
Only A Game Music

Only A Game’s Gary Waleik felt the need to put something…anything…in this week’s music blog.

Handicapping The 2015 Academy Award Ballot

February 20, 2015
Workers move red carpet as preparations are made for the 87th Academy Awards in Los Angeles, Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015. The Academy Awards will be held at the Dolby Theatre on Sunday, Feb. 22. (AP)

Oscars this weekend. “Birdman,” “Boyhood,” “American Sniper”? We’ll talk who should win, and why.

DJ Sessions: From Toro Y Moi To Father John Misty

February 19, 2015
Toro y Moi performs live for fans during the 2014 Big Day Out Festival at Western Springs on January 17, 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Jason Oxenham/Getty Images)

Raul Campos of KCRW brings us a new playlist, including New York producer Emile Haynie and Mexican electropop group Kinky.

Electropop Duo Cherub Is Reviving the 80s (In A Cool Way)

February 18, 2015
Jason Huber and Jordan Kelley are the electropop duo Cherub. (

After lighting up the summer with their song “Doses & Mimosas,” the Nashville band is out with a new EP.

The YouTube Decade

February 18, 2015
President Barack Obama sits down for an interview with YouTube star Glozell Green on January 22, 2015. (The White House/File)

YouTube turns ten. We’ll look at how it has changed music, culture, and the media.

Sleater-Kinney Is Back

February 17, 2015
The punk rock band Sleater-Kinney (from L: Janet Weiss, Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker) (Courtesy the Band)

Feminist punk-rockers, the band Sleater-Kinney, is with us. Reunited. Hotter than ever.

Music on Only A Game

February 14, 2015
Only A Game Music

Bill Littlefield’s job listing this week’s music couldn’t have been much easier.

DJ Sessions: Fusing Jazz, Classical And Roots

February 12, 2015
The Fretful Porcupine is Jake Armerding (strings) and Kevin Gosa (saxophones). (

Julie Lavender, a jazz musician and host of Dream Farm Radio, shares new favorites from Mark Shilansky and The Fretful Porcupine.

New York City Ballet Gets A New Music Director

February 11, 2015
Andrew Litton conducts the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra at Carnegie Hall, Nov. 6, 2007. (Courtesy)

Andrew Litton is a world-renowned orchestra leader, but doesn’t have much experience conducting for dancers.

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