Royals Hang On For 3-2 Win To Take Lead In World Series

Following two high-scoring games in Kansas City, Game 3 of the World Series turned into a bit more of a pitcher's duel as the Royals prevailed in San Francisco.

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No Quick Fixes For Drivers Affected By Air Bag Recall

The massive auto recall announced this week is different from most. It affects more than one-third of air bags on the road and there are no simple fixes, short of a full air bag replacement.

New York, New Jersey Will Quarantine All Travelers With Ebola Contact

The announcement follows the positive Ebola test that came back Thursday night for Dr. Craig Spencer, who recently had returned to New York City after a stint with Doctors Without Borders in Guinea.

UPDATED: 2 Police Deputies Killed, Another Shot By Assailant In California

One bystander was also shot by. After an hours-long manhunt, police apprehended a 34-year-old suspect.

Fighting The Stigma Of Ebola With Hugs

When President Obama and Dr. Anthony Fauci hugged Dallas nurse Nina Pham on Friday, it was as much to combat the stigma surrounding the deadly virus as to celebrate her survival.

For Hospitals, Doing More On Ebola May Mean Less Elsewhere

The majority of hospitals are training their staff to care for Ebola patients, a survey finds. But infection control specialists say that can mean losing the capacity to handle more common infections.

Police: Remains Found Near Charlottesville Are Those Of Hannah Graham

The search for the University of Virginia student spanned weeks. Police have charged a 32-year-old man with abduction.

When You've Seen Subway Rats, Ebola Seems Like Nothin'

New York has no time for fear-mongering and wild speculation about the spread of disease through their city. They're too busy crafting the perfect "Ebowla" joke for Twitter.

Shooting At Washington School Leaves 2 Dead, Including Gunman

Television images showed students running out of the Marysville, Wash., high school with their hands up. A local hospital said it had received four victims; three of them are in critical condition.

Fashion Police: Why Are You Wearing Rubber Boots In Liberia?

Like most people in Monrovia, our correspondent is constantly washing her hands with chlorinated water. But her booted feet are drawing strange looks.

Music On Only A Game

October 25, 2014
Only A Game Music

Bill Littlefield’s benevolent reign as music blogger extraordinaire continues. The Only A Game staff is extremely impressed.

The 'Whiplash' Of Artistic Success

October 24, 2014
Andrew (Miles Teller) and his often demanding conductor, Terrence (J.K. Simmons) in a scene from the new film, "Whiplash." (Courtesy Sony Pictures Classics)

The new movie “Whiplash”. The thin line between obsession and abuse on the road to greatness. In music, the arts…sports.

Aretha Franklin’s New Album Further Proves She's Queen Of Cover Songs

October 23, 2014
Aretha Franklin performing at the Ottawa Jazzfestl (Mike Bouchard/Flickr Creative Commons)

The legendary singer has been called the “Queen of Soul,” but her new album proves she’s the queen of cover songs too.

DJ Sessions: Vivaldi To Scarlatti

October 21, 2014
The London Symphony Orchestra performs during a rehearsal at the National Concert Hall in Taipei on March 6, 2014. The London Symphony Orchestra will perform for two days in Taiwan, in Taipei on March 6 and in Kaoshiung on March 7, 2014. AFP PHOTO / Mandy CHENG (Photo credit should read Mandy Cheng/AFP/Getty Images)

Vic Di Geronimo, who hosts Classic Mornings on WILL Illinois Public Media in Urbana, Illinois, shares a playlist of classical music.

Music On Only A Game

October 18, 2014
Music On Only A Game

Bill Littlefield ponders pea-shooters and solicits band names as his stranglehold on the Only A Game music blog continues.

Two LIVE Tracks From Jazz Violinist Regina Carter

October 17, 2014
Violinist Regina Carter warms up in the On Point studio on Friday, October 17. (Robin Lubbock / WBUR)

Regina Carter shares two live tracks — one arrangement, and one original composition — with Tom Ashbrook in the On Point studio.

DJ Sessions: From Thom Yorke To Derevolutions

October 17, 2014
Thom Yorke of Radiohead performs at Vector Arena on November 6, 2012 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Phil Walter/Getty Images)

This week we listen to songs from legendary rock frontman Thom Yorke and songs about love.

Regina Carter's Jazz Goes Almost Everywhere

October 17, 2014
Jazz violinist Regina Carter. (Courtesy of the Artist)

Regina Carter turns her jazz violin down home with her new album “Southern Comfort.”

Doug Seegers, LIVE In The On Point Studios

October 13, 2014
Doug Seegers (Center) in a still from the 2014 Swedish documentary, "Doug." (Courtesy Doug Seegers)

The unlikely and powerful country singer Doug Seegers performs “Going Down To The River,” “Walking On the Edge of the World” and “Will You Take the Hand?” in the On Point Studio.

From Homeless To Nashville Hit

October 13, 2014
Singer-songwriter Doug Seegers. (Courtesy Doug Seegers / JohanyLitalo)

Country singer Doug Seegers was homeless for years in New York and Nashville. He’s out with a new album and will break your heart.

Music On Only A Game

October 11, 2014
Only A Game Music

Bill Littlefield once again muscles in on America’s most widely read public radio sports-related music blog, thus depriving founding blogger Gary Waleik of an early and lucrative retirement.

There Is An Orchestra In Spanish Harlem

October 10, 2014
The Spanish Harlem Orchestra at a recent tour performance. (Courtesy Spanish Harlem Orchestra)

The Spanish Harlem Orchestra. Salsa, jazz and a lot of great energy. We’ll hear their sound.

Twenty Years Of Keeping The Blues Alive

October 6, 2014
Captain Luke, 86, started singing as a child. But it wasn't until making a connection with the Music Maker Relief Foundation in Hillsborough, N.C., that he began touring professionally. (Peter O'Dowd/Here & Now)

Here & Now’s Peter O’Dowd sits down with two old time blues musicians at the Music Maker Relief Foundation’s 20th anniversary celebration.

H&N Favorite: Music Flows From Run River North

October 3, 2014
Run River North is a Korean-American indie folk-rock band from Los Angeles. (Catie Lafoon)

We revisit our conversation with the Los Angeles-based band Run River North which is on its U.S. tour.

The Noble Reign Of Music's Prince

October 3, 2014
In this 2014 photo released by NPG Records, Prince performs in Birmingham, England. (AP)

Musical icon Prince is back. With two new albums. We look at the life and music of the Purple One.

Giving Prince’s New Albums A Spin

October 2, 2014
Prince has released a new, much-anticipated, album. Hes pictured here on Feb. 5, 2014 during a performance in London ahead of the album release. (3RDEYEGIRL NPG Records via AP)

Prince released two new albums this week after a four year hiatus.

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