Details On The Administration's New College Ratings System

A framework for measuring opportunity --and outcomes.

3 Business Best-Sellers Show Inequality Is Now The Hot Topic

Many business books try to help you get rich quick. But three of 2014's biggest sellers focused on unfairness and inequality. Economists say expect more: Books on inequality are riding a huge wave.

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When A Hospital Bill Becomes A Decade-Long Pay Cut

Nonprofit hospitals provide assistance to poor patients in exchange for tax breaks. But some still seize wages of poor patients with unpaid bills — even those who qualify for free or reduced care.

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Transparency Vs. Privacy: What To Do With Police Camera Videos?

Police reformers say the cameras ensure transparency when it comes to officer conduct. But as departments are pressured to release vast stores of videos, privacy concerns are raised.

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Cuban-American Congressional Leaders Vow To Fight Obama's Proposals

A day after the president's announcement that he wants to normalize relations with Cuba, Cuban-American congressional leaders came together in Miami to condemn it as appeasement of a Communist regime.

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Review Panel: Secret Service Lacks Leadership

Experts have determined that the Secret Service needs more money, better training and a leader from outside the organization, according to a report released by the Department of Homeland Security.

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U.S. Authorities Investigate, Sony Reels From Computer Hack

The White House has stopped short of naming North Korea as the aggressor in the cyberattack against Sony Pictures. That hack resulted in the cancellation of the film The Interview.

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State Department To Begin Steps To Restore Ties With Cuba

A top state department official plans to go to Cuba next month. This week's announcement that the two countries would restore diplomatic ties comes a half a century after relations were severed.

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7 Miles Beneath The Sea's Surface: Who Goes There?

Marine scientists plumbing the deepest part of the ocean sent microphones and collection probes baited with chicken to the bottom of a trench near Guam. Now they watch, wait ... and listen.

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NORAD's Santa Tracker Began With A Typo And A Good Sport

It all started in 1955 with a misprint in a Colorado newspaper and a call to Col. Harry Shoup's secret military hotline. Shoup played along with the tiny voice who called, and a tradition was born.

The Year In Latin Music

December 19, 2014
Soledad, and from left, Nina Pastori, and Lila Downs perform on stage at the Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year Tribute honoring Joan Manuel Serrat at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2014, in Las Vegas. (AP)

From crossover hits to hip-hop to soul, we look at a big year in the wide world of Latin music.

Week In The News: Cuba Thaw, Taliban Attack, Hollywood Hacking

December 19, 2014
Alan Gross, waves as he and his wife Judy leave following his statement at his lawyer's office in Washington, Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2014. Gross was released from Cuba after 5 years in a Cuban prison. (AP)

Cuba reset. Russia’s rubble troubles. School massacre in Pakistan. Jeb explores 2016. Our weekly news roundtable goes behind the headlines.

Tsarnaev Appears In Court For First Time In Over One Year

December 18, 2014
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev appeared in court on Thursday, Dec 18. (Gail Collins)

Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev appeared in court earlier this morning in what was a very short hearing. An outburst from the courtroom crowd made the hearing eventful.

A Short History Of U.S.-Cuba Relations

December 18, 2014
Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter (left) shakes hands with Cuban President Fidel Castro on May 12,, 2002, at the State Council in Havana, where Castro, Carter and their respective delegations met for a working meeting. Carter was on a five-day visit to Cuba, invited by Castro. (Adalberto Roque/AFP/Getty Images)

President Obama’s decision to change U.S. policy on Cuba comes after a half century of icy relations.

Are Artificial Christmas Trees Really More Environmentally Sound?

December 18, 2014
Tree farms provide the majority of Christmas trees. (jpmatth/Flickr)

One reason people purchase artificial trees is because they believe they’re more environmentally sound. But is that true?

College Counselor: ‘A Deferral Is Not A Denial’

December 18, 2014

Lisa Micele shares tips for applying to college — especially for students who have been deferred under early decision.

Reconciliation Nonprofit Helped With U.S.-Cuban Relations

December 18, 2014
People stand outside the Little Havana restaurant Versailles after news that U.S. contractor Alan Gross was released from a Cuban prison and U.S. President Barack Obama's announcement on United States-Cuba policy change on December 17, 2014 in Miami, Florida. Obama announced plans to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba, over 50 years after they were severed in January 1961. In a prisoner exchange, U.S. contractor Alan Gross was freed after being held in Cuba since 2009, with three Cuban spies who had been imprisoned in the U.S. since 2001 going back to Cuba. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Tim Phillips of Beyond Conflict recalls thinking — why not get President Obama to sit down with the pope to talk about Cuba?

Anger, Worry In Hollywood As Sony Cancels ‘The Interview’

December 18, 2014
A poster for the movie "The Interview" is taken down by a worker from a display case at a Carmike Cinemas movie theater, Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2014, in Atlanta. (David Goldman/AP)

U.S. officials now believe with “99 percent certainty” that the North Korean government was behind the hacking attack on Sony.

Say Goodbye To ‘Stephen Colbert’ And Hello To Stephen Colbert

December 18, 2014
Stephen Colbert will leave his faux-conservative character behind when he succeeds David Letterman as host of the "Late Show" on CBS. (Comedy Central)

Fans expect Colbert to abandon his conservative caricature, as he leaves “The Colbert Report” to take over for David Letterman.

America’s Political Dynasties

December 18, 2014
Republican Jeb Bush (left) has announced he's exploring a run for president. Hillary Clinton (right) is widely expected to pursue the Democratic nomination in 2016. (Saul Loeb, Mike Coppola/AFP/Getty Images)

Americans under 38 have only experienced one presidential election that did not involve a Bush or a Clinton.

Florida’s Cubans React To Policy Change

December 18, 2014
Peter Bell (left) who supports the new policy laid out by President Barack Obama, stands among a group of people who disagree with him as people gathered outside the Little Havana restaurant Versailles on December 17, 2014 in Miami. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Many feel the president has caved to the Castro government and given away much more than it will get for scaling back the embargo.

Incoming Congressman Says President’s Move On Cuba Rewards Dictators

December 18, 2014
Incoming Florida Congressman Carlos Curbelo's parents are Cuban exiles who fled Cuba in the 1960s. He calls the change in U.S. policy "reckless." (

Florida Republican Carlos Curbelo calls the policy change “reckless.” His parents are Cuban exiles who fled Cuba in the 1960s.

A Stunning Shift In U.S.-Cuban Relations

December 18, 2014
This handout photo from the Twitter account of Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz. shows Alan Gross arriving at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2014. The US and Cuba have agreed to re-establish diplomatic relations and open economic and travel ties, marking a historic shift in U.S. policy toward the communist island after a half-century of enmity dating back to the Cold War, American officials said Wednesday. (AP)

Following months of secret talks the US will restore full diplomatic relations with Cuba after more than fifty years.

Panthers Prevail In NHL-Record, 20-Round Shootout

December 17, 2014
(AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

The Florida Panthers topped the Washington Capitals on Tuesday night after a record shootout that saw players from both teams take multiple attempts before all was said and done.

49ers Release McDonald After News Of Rape Investigation

December 17, 2014
The San Francisco 49ers released defensive lineman Ray McDonald Wednesday. For the second time this year, McDonald is part of a criminal investigation involving violence against women. (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

The San Francisco 49ers have released defensive lineman Ray McDonald after learning that he’s the subject of a rape investigation. McDonald was arrested in August as part of an unrelated domestic violence case.

Historic Breakthrough In U.S.-Cuban Relations

December 17, 2014
Protesters outside the White House on  Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2014. (AP/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

We get some perspective on what a thawing of U.S.-Cuban relations means for both nations from Paul Hare, former British Ambassador to Cuba.

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