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Obama Adds Malaysia To His Asia Itinerary

Obama travels to Malaysia next week, where the government is under fire for the handling of a missing airliner. NPR's Wade Goodwyn talks to Josh Kurlantzick of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Are Democrats Trying To Energize The Base With The Race Card?

Top Democrats have said recently that some GOP opposition to President Obama and his agenda is based on race. It's an explosive message that might drive Democratic voters to the polls.

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In Virginia, Politicians Fish For Support At Old-Fashioned Event

Even as technology and social media transform politics, some traditions still live on — like the annual Shad Planking festival in Wakefield. It's a must-attend event on Virginia's political calendar.

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Week In Politics: A Deal On Ukraine And Health Care Numbers

Regular political commentators, E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post and David Brooks of The New York Times, discuss the breakthrough Ukraine deal and the new health care enrollment numbers.

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Pipeline Put Off, As Keystone Review Is Indefinitely Extended

It looks as though the "comment period" for the controversial Keystone XL pipeline project will be extended, delaying a decision past the November elections.

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Hey, Superheroes On The National Mall: Any Advice For Congress?

Gathered in Washington for a comic book convention, these costumed enthusiasts shared how their favorite characters would run the country.

Why Scott Walker Is Looking Beyond His Fan Base

Governors in both parties routinely run for re-election while keeping coy about the White House. But there's no question what's on the Wisconsin governor's mind, long term.

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Should College Dropouts Be Honored By Their Alma Maters?

From a Top Gun sequel starring drones to Howard University's pick of Puff Daddy as its commencement speaker, the Barbershop guys weigh in on the week's news.

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New York's Muslims Push For Public Schools To Close For Eid Holidays

President of the Muslim Democratic Club of New York Linda Sarsour discusses why she wants the city's public schools to close on holidays like Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.

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To Fight Extremism, Don't Alienate Troublemakers At The Mosque

In the fight against Islamic extremism, the president of the Muslim Public Affairs Council says that intervention within the community is more effective than external surveillance and secrecy.

Bloomberg’s Big Money Campaign For Gun Background Checks

April 22, 2014
In this Dec. 17, 2012 file photo, then New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaks a news conference in New York where he and dozens of shooting survivors and victims' relatives called on Congress and President Obama to tighten gun laws and enforcement. The former New York mayor, a billionaire and advocate of firearms regulation, plans to spend $50 million this year setting up a new group that will mix campaign contributions with field operations aimed at pulling gun-control supporters to the polls. (AP)

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s new $50 million dollar push for gun control. We’ll look at the plan to take on Washington and the gun lobby.

Obama’s Asian Trade Mission Faces Obstacles At Home

April 18, 2014

Critics say the Trans-Pacific Partnership would be harmful to the environment, prescription drug prices, Internet access and U.S. jobs.

Pro-Russian Separatists In Ukraine Reject Disarm Deal

April 18, 2014
A man wearing a military fatigue stands guard outside a regional administration building seized by pro-Russian separatists in the eastern Ukrainian city of Slavyansk on April 18. Pro-Russian rebels kept their grip on seized government buildings in Ukraine on Friday, a day after Kiev struck a deal with Russia and the West in Geneva on April 17. (Kirill Kudryavtsev/Getty Images)

A tense standoff continues in Kiev today despite diplomats reaching a deal in Geneva yesterday.

Week In The News: Putin On Ukraine And A ‘New Russia,’ A Ferry Down, Economic Questions

April 18, 2014
Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during a nationally televised question-and-answer session in Moscow on Thursday, April 17, 2014. President Vladimir Putin has urged an end to the blockade of Moldova’s separatist province of Trans-Dniester. Trans-Dniester, located in eastern part of Moldova on border with Ukraine, has run its own affairs without international recognition since a 1992 war. Russian troops are stationed there.  (AP)

Deadly clashes in Eastern Ukraine. A white supremacist rocks Kansas City. The Marathon bombing anniversary. And Bloomberg on guns. Our weekly news roundtable goes behind the headlines.

Gov. Patrick Nominates Gants To Chief Justice Of State’s Supreme Judicial Court

April 18, 2014

BOSTON — Six years after nominating Ralph Gants to the state’s Supreme Judicial Court, Gov. Deval Patrick has nominated him to the position of chief justice.

Aid-In-Dying Loophole: Advocates Want You To Know You Can Stop Eating And Drinking

April 18, 2014
Lee J. Haywood/flickr

Most often referred to as VSED — voluntary stopping of eating and drinking — the practice of giving up food and drink in order to hasten one’s death is being increasingly publicized by aid-in-dying advocates as a legal alternative to physician-assisted suicide.

Coakley Pays $24,000 To Settle Campaign Violations

April 17, 2014

BOSTON — Attorney General Martha Coakley’s campaign committee has agreed to pay nearly $18,000 to charity as part of an agreement with campaign regulators over payments made with federal committee funds.

Grossman Debates Head Of Mass. Gun Lobby

April 17, 2014

BOSTON — Massachusetts Treasurer Steve Grossman has faced off against the head of the state’s gun rights lobby in a debate meant to highlight what Grossman says is Attorney General Martha Coakley’s failure to embrace tougher gun control.

Gov. Patrick Nominates Gants State’s Chief Justice

April 17, 2014
Associate Justice Ralph Gants addresses the media Thursday, after Gov. Deval Patrick nominated him to be the next chief justice of the Supreme Judicial Court. (State House News Service)

BOSTON — Supreme Judicial Court Justice Ralph Gants will succeed as chief justice Roderick Ireland, who announced last month that he would be retiring in July.

Voting Continues In World’s Biggest Democracy

April 17, 2014
Indian voters are processed so they can cast their ballot at a local polling station in the village of Sambhar, in the Indian state of Rajasthan, on April 17. (Roberto Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images)

In terms of seats up for grabs – 122 – it’s the biggest day of polling in the six-week long process.

Providence Documents Related To Gordon Fox Subpoenaed

April 17, 2014

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — A spokesman for Providence Mayor Angel Taveras says city documents pertaining to former House Speaker Gordon Fox have been subpoenaed by federal officials.

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