Twitter Says It Has Shut Down 125,000 Terrorism-Related Accounts

The announcement comes just weeks after a woman sued Twitter, saying the platform knowingly let ISIS use the network "to spread propaganda, raise money and attract recruits."

OK, Google, Where Did I Put My Thinking Cap?

It can be too easy for students to Google an assignment before they stop to think about it. Some researchers say we're losing our critical thinking and memory skills by relying on the search bar.

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Is Amazon Planning Hundreds Of Bookstores? Analysts Doubt It

A mall real estate executive let slip that Amazon plans to build up to 400 walk-in stores. Analysts were skeptical, and now the executive says his comment wasn't intended to represent Amazon's plans.

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Intel Discloses Diversity Data, Challenges Tech Industry To Follow Suit

Intel is revealing more details about its diversity goals — the ones the chipmaker has met and failed to meet — than any other Silicon Valley giant to date.

WATCH: Super Bowl Ads Already Generating Buzz

The big game may be days away, but commercials featuring a Helen Mirren soliloquy, Pokemon, a Drake "Hotline Bling" spoof, Ryan Reynolds and, of course, puppies are already getting attention online.

Rogue Drones? Unleash The Eagles

Police in the Netherlands are helping train eagles to snatch wayward drones from the sky. Yes, there's video.

Encryption May Hurt Surveillance, But Internet Of Things Could Open New Doors

Law enforcement and intelligence officials warn that encrypted communication makes investigation venues "go dark." A study sees other avenues for data collection through newly connected devices.

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A Site Where Traditional Artisans Can Sell Their Works To The World

Novica, a website that bills itself as the Etsy of the developing world, features more than 18,000 artisans from remote areas to whom the company has paid out more than $66.5 million.

Forget Selling Albums — Artists Can Now Go Platinum Via Streaming

As fans' listening habits become more and more focused on streaming, the RIAA is trying to catch up.

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Rubik's Cube-Solving Robot Set To Break Guinness World Record

Some Kansas City software developers built what they believe is the world's fastest Rubik's Cube-solving robot. They built it in their spare time, partly because one of the guys wanted something to do with his new 3-D printer. Their machine can sort out a scrambled Rubik's Cube in just a little over one second. That's much faster than the second fastest robot and not quite five times faster than the quickest "human speed solver." A judge from the Guinness Book of World Records will judge the robot.

Navigating All That Music

February 5, 2016
A portion of the cover of Ben Ratliff's new book, "Every Song Ever." (Courtesy Farar, Straus and Giroux / The Publisher)

How to choose music in an age when everything is online and always there. New York Times music critic Ben Ratliff shows the way.

Do Babies Understand FaceTime And Skype?

February 4, 2016
It's unclear whether young children can emotionally understand why they're seeing someone they love on a screen but can't touch them. (Tatsuo Yamashita/Flickr)

It’s reassuring for parents and grandparents far away from their little loved ones, but what do babies get out of it?

MIT Engineering Students Win Hyperloop Design Competition

February 2, 2016
A team of engineering students from MIT took home first prize in a competition to design a Hyperloop prototype. (Texas A&M Engineering/Flickr)

A team of engineering students from MIT took home first prize in a competition to design a prototype for a Hyperloop pod.

Alphabet Tops Apple As World’s Most Valuable Company

February 2, 2016
Electronic screens post prices of Alphabet stock, Monday, Feb. 1, 2016, at the Nasdaq MarketSite in New York. Alphabet, the parent company of Google, reports quarterly earnings Monday. (Mark Lennihan/AP)

The parent company of Google officially overtook Apple to become the most valuable publicly-traded company in the world.

Elon Musk Called For A ‘Hyperloop’ And These Students Answered

January 29, 2016
Senior Oliver Tillman and junior Frederick Wachter are part of the Drexel Hyperloop Team. They use air compression in their design. (Kimberly Paynter/WHYY)

The inventor and billionaire laid out an idea – a sort of “moonshot” for transportation. Now, the finalists will pitch their prototypes.

Witnessing The Challenger Disaster: A Reporter’s Notebook

January 28, 2016
Thirty years ago, the nation watched as the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded on live television. Bob Oakes was there. (Bruce Weaver/ AP)

Thirty years ago, the nation watched as the shuttle carrying seven people exploded on live television. Bob Oakes was there.

Freezing: The New Science Of Cold

January 28, 2016
Crane shaped fountain is frozen at Hibiya Park in Tokyo, Monday, Jan. 25, 2016. (AP Photo/Koji Sasahara)

Frozen. New science and a new understanding of life, death and freezing.

Where Will The Sharing Economy Go Next?

January 27, 2016
The sharing economy continues to grow and push the boundaries of trust. (Pixabay)

We’ve seen the rise of Zipcar, Lyft, Uber and Airbnb, not to mention hundreds of smaller services. What’s next?

Artificial Intelligence Pioneer Marvin Minsky Remembered For His Accomplishments, Character

January 26, 2016
In this July 14, 1987, file photo, MIT's Marvin Minsky speaks to the audience during a panel discussion about artificial intelligence in Seattle. Minsky, a pioneer in the field, died Sunday at 88. (Robert Kaiser/AP/File)

Marvin Minsky, who helped found the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and designed several tools that shaped the world of robotics, died last weekend in Boston. He was 88.

Remembering Marvin Minsky, Founder Of Artificial Intelligence Field

January 26, 2016
In this 1987 file photo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Marvin Minsky, speaks to an audience. A pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence at MIT who saw parallels in the functioning of the human brain and computers has died. The university said Minsky died Sunday, Jan. 24, 2016, at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston of a cerebral hemorrhage. Minsky was 88. (AP Photo/Robert Kaiser, File)

A pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence at MIT, who saw parallels in the functioning of the human brain and computers, died on Sunday at 88.

Twitter May Be Struggling, But It Still Has $3.5B

January 26, 2016
A sign is posted outside of the Twitter headquarters on July 29, 2014 in San Francisco, California. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Four major executives announced they are leaving the struggling microblogging site, signaling trouble to many in the industry.

Detroit Drives Forward For The Car Of The Future

January 25, 2016
President Barack Obama steps from the new Chevrolet Bolt electric car as Dan Ammann, President, General Motors Company, stands right and Patrick Foley, controls manager for the Bolt EV at GM in Detroit, stands left, during a tour of the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Detroit has missed the boat before, but says this time, it won’t let Silicon Valley beat it to the car of the future. It’s rolling out big ideas and big designs.

eSports Comes Of Age: Filling Arenas, Paying Millions

January 23, 2016
IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR 2K - Giant Bomb's Alex Navarro and GameSpot's Giancarlo Varanini play WWE 2K15 at the video game's press event at Cicada Restaurant, on Saturday, August 16, 2014 in Los Angeles. (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Invision for 2K/AP Images)

eSports — professional video gaming — is now older than some eAthletes. How do the lives of today’s professional gamers compare to those of the “sport’s” pioneers? To find out, reporter Jeremy Dalmas spends some time at the home of one of today’s top teams.

Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Says Internet Often Falls Short On Its Promise

January 22, 2016
Andrew Keen is pictured in Amsterdam in 2015. (Vera de Kok/Wikimedia Commons)

Andrew Keen argues that the Internet often hurts the middle class, artists and small businesses.

An App To Detect Head Injuries

January 22, 2016
A neuroscientist at Houston’s Baylor College of Medicine, has developed an iPad app called “BrainCheck” that uses research-backed games to collect data on neurocognitive function. (Houston Public Media)

A neuroscientist in Houston has developed an iPad app that uses research-backed games to collect data on neurocognitive function.

After Safety Issues, Amazon Begins Offering Refunds On Hoverboards

January 21, 2016
A boy rides a hoverboard on the day after Christmas in San Pedro, California. Reports of some hoverboards, also known as self-balancing, two-wheeled scooters catching fire have led to an investigation by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. (Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images)

The online retailer made the move following a series of fires believed to be caused by the hoverboard’s lithium-ion batteries.

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