Can The Peer Economy Deliver Profits?

Postmates is among a group of app-powered services popping up around the U.S., with a simple promise: deliver food or merchandise in as little as an hour. But can they succeed where didn't?

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Why Did Vanity Fair Give 'Belfies' A Stamp Of Approval?

"Selfie" may have been the 2013 word of the year. But "belfies," or "butt selfies" are now in the spotlight. We learn more about why they earned a fitness model a spread in Vanity Fair magazine.

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Ohio's Law Against Political Lying Heads To Supreme Court

Can a state law prevent political campaigns from doling out misinformation? Guest host Celeste Headlee learns more from The Plain Dealer's Sabrina Eaton.

Police In Canada Make Arrest Related To 'Heartbleed' Bug

A 19-year-old computer science student was taken into custody for allegedly exploiting the bug to steal sensitive information from government servers.

Book News: Did Amazon Unintentionally Create A Drug Dealer Starter Kit?

Also: Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez's health is said to be stable but "very fragile"; Dave Eggers' new book is called Your Fathers, Where Are They? And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever?

Episode 532: The Wild West Of The Internet

Most websites end in .com, .gov or .edu. But a bunch of new domains have just been added. Now there's .ninja, .bike, .plumbing and .cool. In all, over 1,000 new top-level domains will be added.

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Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Put Faith In Unorthodox Dating Service

Young ultra-Orthodox Jews are increasingly pursuing college degrees or joining the workforce. That's challenged matchmaking customs and led to a new service that connects like-minded men and women.

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When Parents Are The Ones Too Distracted By Devices

Parents often complain that smartphones keep their kids distracted from conversation. What happens when it's the other way around, when kids can't get their smartphone-glued parents' attention?

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Man Reaches For The Sun For A Solution To Pakistan's Gas Crisis

A plan to replace imported oil with domestic natural gas has led to fuel shortages and long lines in Pakistan. A businessman has spent $500,000 of his own money to develop an affordable solar car.

Weekly Innovation: Better Luggage Checking ... And Tracking

Air France and KLM have developed two gadgets — the eTrack and the eTag — that let you drop off your bag without checking it with an agent and track it during your trip.

Space Oceans And Looking For Life

April 18, 2014
This undated photo provided by NASA on April 2, 2014 shows Saturn's moon Enceladus. The "tiger stripes" are long fractures from which water vapor jets are emitted. Scientists have uncovered a vast ocean beneath the icy surface of the moon, they announced Thursday, April 3, 2014. Italian and American researchers made the discovery using Cassini, a NASA-European spacecraft still exploring Saturn and its rings 17 years after its launch from Cape Canaveral. (AP)

Oceans in Space. The new discovery on a moon of Saturn, and the possibility of life there.

A Flood Of Streaming TV Options

April 17, 2014
Amazon Fire TV is unveiled during a press conference in New York, Wednesday, April 2, 2014. At $99, Amazon Fire TV is the easiest way to watch Netflix, Prime Instant Video, Hulu Plus, WatchESPN, and more on your big-screen TV. (Photo by Diane Bondareff/Invision for Amazon/AP Images)

America may not have the fastest internet speeds, but American consumers are sure being deluged with content. Once reserved for premium cable subscribers, vast libraries worth of content — movies, tv shows, games — are now all available for a price on your TV.

Tensions Build In San Francisco Amid Tech Boom

April 16, 2014
Members of the Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco and other activists protest outside of City Hall in San Francisco, Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014. San Francisco officials are set to vote on a plan to start regulating employee shuttles for companies like Google, Facebook and Apple, charging a fee for those that use public bus stops and controlling where they load and unload. Private shuttle buses have created traffic problems, blocking public bus stops during peak commute hours. (Jeff Chiu/AP)

As San Francisco experiences a historic economic boom, some activists say not all city residents are reaping the benefits.

Google Glass: Is It Worth The Hype?

April 15, 2014
This promotional image of Google Glass appears on the purchase page. The device is being offered for sale to the general U.S. public today only. (Google)

Google’s wearable computing device goes on sale today for U.S. residents – for one day only. We look at whether it’s worth the $1,500.

What’s Behind The Nasdaq Biotech Sell-Off

April 14, 2014

The Nasdaq fell 3 percent and on Friday it fell again. Many are nervous that we could be in the middle of a tech bubble.

Robotic Submarine Takes Over Search For Missing Malaysian Plane

April 14, 2014
The Bluefin 21 will take sonar images of the Indian Ocean floor in the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. (Courtesy Bluefin Robotics)

Wall Street Journal reporter Andy Pasztor and the head of Bluefin Robotics discuss the latest in the search for flight 370.

Week In The News: Equal Pay, Sebelius Resigns, Ukraine, Civil Rights Act At 50

April 11, 2014
Emergency responders gather in the parking lot of the high school on the campus of the Franklin Regional School District where several people were stabbed at Franklin Regional High School on Wednesday, April 9, 2014, in Murrysville, Pa., near Pittsburgh. The suspect, a male student, was taken into custody and being questioned. (AP)

School stabbings. Ukrainian consequences. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius resigns. Computer heartbleed vulnerability. Our weekly news roundtable goes behind the headlines.

Is Twitter Becoming The New Instagram?

April 10, 2014
If a picture's worth 1,000 words, perhaps it's no surprise that Twitter is looking more like Instagram. (Marco Colin/Flickr)

If a picture’s worth 1,000 words, perhaps it’s no surprise Twitter is looking more like Instagram. We look at their increasing similarities.

‘Heartbleed’ Security Flaw Exposes Millions Of Passwords

April 9, 2014

NPR’s Technology Correspondent Steve Henn explains the flaw and how the coding error might affect the security of your personal data.

Is Online Skimming Hurting Reading Comprehension?

April 9, 2014
In this May 13, 2009 file photo, Jonathan Hutcheson works on his laptop as his iPhone lays beside it at a coffee shop in Columbia, Mo. (L.G. Patterson/AP)

Cognitive neuroscientist Maryanne Wolf fears skimming and scanning on our digital devices is ruining our ability for “deep reading.”

City of Boston Will Release Big Data

April 8, 2014
Boston Mayor Marty Walsh delivers his inaugural address in Conte Forum at Boston College. (Michael Dwyer/AP)

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh signed an executive order last night to release troves of data to the public.

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