Defense Secretary Carter: Iraqi Forces Lack 'Will To Fight' ISIS

Ash Carter, in an interview on CNN, said that the ISF lost Anbar despite "vastly outnumbering" fighters of the self-declared Islamic State.

Malaysia Finds Gravesites In Camps Used By People Smugglers

The gruesome discovery of the sites thought to contain dozens or possibly hundreds of remains of migrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh, follows a similar find this month across the border in Thailand.

'Beautiful Mind' Mathematician John Nash, Jr. Dies In New Jersey Car Crash

The Nobel Prize winner who struggled with schizophrenia and was portrayed by Russell Crowe in the 2001 film, died with his wife in a taxi on the New Jersey Turnpike, officials say. He was 86.

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Accusations Pile Up Against Panama's Former President

One of Central America's richest and most eccentric former politicians, Ricardo Martinelli, may soon face charges for stealing millions of dollars from the government during his five years in power.

Nepali Villagers Flee After Landslide Cuts Off Major River

Rising waters behind the earth dam created by the landslide could burst through, inundating villages for miles downstream, officials say.

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Activists Cross The DMZ In Controversial Peace Demonstration

Famed American feminist Gloria Steinem has taken her activism to the border between North and South Korea. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to NPR's Elise Hu about the demonstration aimed at reunifying two nations.

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With Syria's Army Losing Ground, A Boost From Hezbollah

President Bashar Assad has suffered a series of recent military setbacks. But Hezbollah keeps fighting in alliance with Syria's army, and it scored a recent victory along the border with Lebanon.

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As ISIS Expands Its Control, U.S. Policy Is Questioned

The so-called Islamic State captured two strategic cities recently: Ramadi, Iraq, and Palmyra, Syria. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks to Vali Nasr of Johns Hopkins about the U.S. strategy toward ISIS.

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To Build Up Its Historical Image, Macedonia Is Going Baroque

Macedonia is one of the poorest countries in Europe, but it's been on a building spree that includes elaborate buildings and hundreds of statues, including an enormous one of Alexander the Great.

Controversy Follows As Activists Cross North-South Korean Border

The symbolic gesture was aimed at reunifying two nations still technically at war. But an event staged in the name of peace ended up exposing some distrust that's lasted for decades.

The Last Unicorn

May 26, 2015
The Last Unicorn, by William DeBuys

With guest host Jane Clayson. Endangered species and the search for one of the world’s rarest creatures deep into the wilds of central Laos. Guests William DeBuys, Conservationist and author of The Last Unicorn: A Search for One of Earth’s Rarest Creatures.  Azzedine Downes, CEO of the International Fund for Animal Welfare. (@AzzedineTDownes) Reading List The New York […]

Sport Is Politics For 73-Year-Old FC Barcelona Fan

May 23, 2015
Paris Saint-Germain v FC Barcelona - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final: First Leg

Sixty-six years ago, Marti Dalmases’ father signed him up as a member of the FC Barcelona fan club. The 73-year-old estimates he’s now seen about 2,500 matches. He talked with Only A Game’s Ian Mount about the politics of soccer in Spain, archrival Real Madrid and next week’s Copa Del Rey Final, which Barca will be looking to win.

Both Sides Say Ireland Has Voted To Legalize Gay Marriage

May 23, 2015

Leaders on both sides of Ireland’s gay marriage campaign say advocates of legalization have won a resounding victory with the ballot count still underway.

ISIS Gains Ground In Iraq And Syria

May 22, 2015
A view of the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra one day after the self-proclaimed Islamic State fired rockets into the city on May 17, 2015. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)

The extremists have seized the last Syrian-controlled border crossing between Syria and Iraq, as well as a famous archaeological site.

Beatification Of Oscar Romero Marks Turning Point For Catholic Church

May 22, 2015
A mural of Roman Catholic Archbishop Oscar Romero decorates a wall where students sit in a plaza in Panchimalco, El Salvador, Thursday, May 21, 2015. (Salvador Melendez/AP)

The church and El Salvador have been deeply divided over the late archbishop, who spoke out against the country’s brutal military regime.

Irish Voters Decide Whether To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

May 22, 2015
A man walks past billboard posters promoting the Yes campaign in favor of same-sex marriage on May 22, 2015 in Dublin, Ireland. Voters in the Republic of Ireland are taking part in a referendum on legalizing same-sex marriage on Friday. The referendum is being held 22 years after Ireland decriminalized homosexuality with more than 3.2 million people being asked whether they want to amend the country's constitution to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry. (Charles McQuillan/Getty Images)

The referendum legalizing same-sex marriage in Ireland is expected to pass with more than two-thirds support.

Week In The News: ISIS, Airbags, Goodbye Letterman

May 22, 2015
Crashed cars with airbags deployed are shown to visitors as part of the display of Toyota Motor Corp.'s safety performance standards at the automaker's exhibition hall in Toyota, central Japan. (Shuji Kajiyama/AP)

ISIS rolls on. A TPP vote. Biggest recall ever – airbags. And Letterman’s last bow. Our weekly news roundtable goes behind the headlines.

Jailed Journalist Goes On Trial In Iran Next Week

May 21, 2015
In this photo taken on April 11, 2013, Jason Rezaian, right, an Iranian-American correspondent for the Washington Post, and his wife Yeganeh Salehi, an Iranian correspondent for the Abu Dhabi-based daily newspaper The National, smile as they attend a presidential campaign of President Hassan Rouhani in Tehran, Iran. (Vahid Salemi/AP)

The Washington Post’s Tehran bureau chief Jason Rezaian has been held in custody for more than a year.

Historic Syrian Site Endangered By ISIS

May 21, 2015
This photo released on Sunday, May 17, 2015, by the Syrian official news agency SANA, shows the general view of the ancient Roman city of Palmyra, northeast of Damascus, Syria. When Islamic State fighters routed Syrian government forces and took control of the ruins of Palmyra Thursday, May 21, 2015 morning, the ancient city became the latest archaeological heritage site to fall into the hands of the militant group. (SANA via AP)

Palmyra is a Unesco World Heritage site and there are concerns the extremists might destroy some of the priceless ruins.

The Arctic Rush

May 21, 2015
Ships dock at the piers at the seaport town of Murmansk on the Kola peninsula in Russia. Russian authorities have detained a Greenpeace ship 'Arctic Sunrise' and 27 crew and they face charges when they arrived at Murmansk. (Efrem Lukatsky/AP)

The Arctic Circle is opening up at a gallop as the ice disappears. Oil, gold, armies, spies. Big opportunities and fear of the consequences.

Pandas’ Bamboo Diet May Endanger Them

May 20, 2015
New research examining the genetics of panda waste shows they're not very good at being vegetarian, or digesting bamboo. (Nathan Rupert/Flickr)

New research examining the genetics of panda waste shows they would be better suited to eat meat than plants.

One Young Greek Explains Why So Many Are Leaving

May 20, 2015
Alkistis Anagnostopoulou-Merkouri, 20, hopes to leave Greece for good. (LinkedIn)

Alkistis Anagnostopoulou-Merkouri, a 20-year-old college student, talks about her life in Athens and why she wants to leave for good.

A Grim Outlook As Greece Struggles To Repay Its Debts

May 20, 2015
Greek and E.U. flags flutter in front of the prime minister's office in Athens during his meeting with top ministers on May 13, 2015. (Louisa Gouliamaki/AFP/Getty Images)

A government official says Greece won’t be able to make an upcoming debt repayment unless a deal is reached to unlock bailout funds.

Ramadi Falls. Is Iraq Over?

May 20, 2015
Iraqi security forces guard displaced Iraqis from Ramadi as they cross the Bzebiz bridge after spending the night walking towards Baghdad. (Hadi Mizban/AP)

The ISIS flag now flies over Ramadi. US and Iraqi forces are mobilizing to take it back. But can they? And what if they can’t?

Can Boston Lose Its 2024 Olympic Bid?

May 19, 2015
The Boston Skyline is seen from Cambridge, Mass. in April 2013. (Charles Krupa/AP)

U.S. Olympic Committee selected Boston, but a member of the committee says “there’s no guarantee that Boston will be the city.”

U.S. Raid In Syria Targets ISIS Leader

May 19, 2015
In a May 14, 2015 file photo, President Barack Obama speaks during a news conference. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP)

Who was Abu Sayyaf and why were U.S. Army Delta Forces commandos sent into Syria to kill him?

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