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Free Drug Samples Prompt Skin Doctors To Prescribe Costlier Meds

A study with dermatologists adds to growing evidence that free drug samples influence doctors' prescribing habits. The cost difference to patients can be hundreds of dollars per office visit.

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Rescuers Deliver Most, But Not All, Nigerian Schoolgirls To Safety

According to the Nigerian military, all but eight of the girls kidnapped from a Nigerian boarding school have been rescued. As many as 100 girls had been abducted by militants earlier in the week.

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Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Put Faith In Unorthodox Dating Service

Young ultra-Orthodox Jews are increasingly pursuing college degrees or joining the workforce. That's challenged matchmaking customs and led to a new service that connects like-minded men and women.

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Justice's 'Peacemaker' Unit Focuses On Transgender Rights

A unit originally created to keep the peace during the civil rights movement is training law enforcement on how to be more sensitive to transgender witnesses and crime victims.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Grow: A Guide To Speedy Vegetables

Impatient gardeners don't have to wait for summer to harvest salad fixings. A surprising variety of crops will bring homegrown produce to your table in as little as three weeks.

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Legal Moves Might Mean Fiscal Relief, And More PR Troubles, For GM

General Motors is signaling its plans to ask a bankruptcy judge for protection from lawsuits related to a defective switch recall. This could further complicate its current public relations crisis.

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South Korea Ferry Disaster Sets Rescuers, And Fears, In Motion

Hundreds are missing after a ferry sank Wednesday off South Korea's southern coast. Reporter Jason Strother in Seoul offers details on the latest developments.

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Entering Talks In Geneva, U.S. Hopes For A Ukraine Breakthrough

Secretary of State John Kerry is set to meet Thursday with officials from Russia, Ukraine and the European Union. They will discuss the crisis in Ukraine. While the Obama administration has said it has overwhelming evidence that Moscow is stirring up the unrest in eastern Ukraine, it says it wants to wait before expanding sanctions. Analysts say Washington has few other options.

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Ukrainian Tanks Roll In — But Above Them Russian Flags Fly

Ukrainian tanks arrived in the city of Kramatorsk Wednesday morning. By the time they rolled out of the city, they were flying Russian flags. People in Kramatorsk tell the story of what happened.

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The New SAT: Less Vocabulary, More Linear Equations

The new version of the standardized test for college admissions, set to go into effect in 2016, will do away with obscure vocabulary words and cut multiple choice answer options from five to four.

Simon Schama On ‘The Story Of The Jews’

April 17, 2014
Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men burn leavened items in final preparation for the Passover holiday in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish town of Bnei Brak, near Tel Aviv, Israel, Monday, April 14, 2014. Jews are forbidden to eat leavened foodstuffs during the Passover holiday that celebrates the biblical story of the Israelites' escape from slavery and exodus from Egypt. (AP)

In the week of Passover and anti-Semitic gunfire, we look at the history of the Jews with acclaimed historian Simon Schama. Plus, Pope Francis and the Catholic Church today.

Navigating College Financial Aid

April 17, 2014
Students cheer and wave as President Barack Obama, not pictured, exits the podium after speaking at the University at Buffalo, in Buffalo, N.Y., Thursday, Aug. 22, 2013, beginning his two day bus tour speaking about college financial aid.  (AP)

The inside dope on college financial aid. The way it really works, who gets what, and how.

Furry, 4-Legged Therapist Helps Marathon Bombing Victims Through Hard Year

April 16, 2014
Jessica with rescue.

BOSTON — Meet Rescue. He’s a specially trained assistance dog that’s helping Jessica Kensky and Patrick Downes, newlyweds who each lost a left leg in the marathon bombing, rebuild their lives.

Littlefield On Sports: Instant Replay, Bruins Vs Red Wings

April 16, 2014
Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell gestures after was was ejected from the game by first base umpire Bob Davidson after Farrell objected to MLB's ruling of an overturned, fourth-inning, force out at first base in a baseball game against the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium in New York, Sunday, April 13, 2014. The Yankees Brian McCann scored on the play. (AP)

Only A Game’s Bill Littlefield joins us to talk about the end of the NBA season, the beginning of the NHL playoffs and the shaky start to instant replay in professional baseball.

Edgar Allan Poe Returns To Boston

April 16, 2014
Stefanie Rocknak Poe Returning to Boston

The Edgar Allan Poe Foundation of Boston recently unveiled the design of a new statue honoring Poe. It will be installed near Boston Common in October.

Dorchester Family Helps Victims Get Back On Their Feet

April 16, 2014
A work bench at United Prosthetics in Dorchester. (Kathleen McNerney/WBUR)

For the past century, four generations of the Martino family have fit people with prosthetic limbs. Now, they’re helping half of the 16 amputees from the Boston Marathon bombings.

Researchers: Casual Pot Use Changes Young Adults’ Brains

April 16, 2014
Partygoers smoke marijuana and cigarettes during a Prohibition-era themed New Year's Eve party celebrating the start of retail pot sales, at a bar in Denver. (Brennan Linsley/AP)

As Mayor Walsh is slowly accepting the idea of hosting medical marijuana dispensaries in Boston, let’s look at the research. A new study by Boston Medical Center researchers could add to concerns about medical pot and eventual overall legalization.

Federal Judge Overturns Patrick’s Ban On Zohydro

April 16, 2014
Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick gestures during a news conference at the Statehouse in Boston, Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014. Gov. Patrick announced he is delivering his final state budget to Beacon Hill lawmakers, which proposes increasing spending by 4.9 percent over the current fiscal year. (AP)

A federal judge has struck down Mass. Governor Deval Patrick’s ban on the powerful painkiller, Zohydro.

Music From The Show

April 16, 2014

From The O’s to Yppah.

DJ Sessions: Blurring The Lines Between Rock, Jazz And Classical

April 16, 2014
Drummer David King, pianist Ethan Iverson and bassist Reid Anderson are the band The Bad Plus. (Jay Frahm)

Pianist Christopher O’Riley discusses his favorite group that’s making waves in the classical community: The Bad Plus.

ER Doctor Looks Back A Year After Marathon Bombing

April 16, 2014
Adrianne Haslet-Davis, left, is pictured with emergency physician Dr. Ron Medzon at Boston Medical Center. (Courtesy: Haslet-Davis family)

Dr. Ron Medzon, an emergency room physician at Boston Medical Center, recalls treating victims injured in the bombing.

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