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Co-Pilot ‘Intentionally’ Brought Down Germanwings Plane

March 26, 2015
French prosecutor of Marseilles Brice Robin (center), flanked by General David Galtier (right), speaks to the press on March 26, 2015, in Marignane airport near the French southern city of Marseilles. The co-pilot 'voluntarily' initiated the descent of the Germanwings flight that crashed into the French Alps and refused to open the door to the pilot who was outside the cockpit, the lead investigator said today. (Franck Pennant/AFP/Getty Images)

A French prosecutor says co-pilot Andreas Lubitz appeared to want to “destroy the plane.”

Music From The Show

March 25, 2015

From Ott to Teebs.

A Crisis In Slow Motion: California Enters Fourth Year Of Drought

March 25, 2015
Low water levels are visible at Lake McClure on March 24, 2015, in La Grange, California. More than 3,000 residents in the Sierra Nevada foothill community of Lake Don Pedro who rely on water from Lake McCLure could potentially run out of water in the near future if the severe drought continues. Lake McClure is currently at 7 percent of its normal capacity and residents are under mandatory 50 percent water use restrictions. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Is the California government doing enough to deal with the serious drought? Katie Orr of Capital Public Radio weighs in.

Giving Up The Concert Stage To Teach

March 25, 2015
Piano instructor Seymour Bernstein, left, poses with actor Ethan Hawke. Hawke made a documentary about Bernstein called "Seymour: An Introduction," which has won raves on the festival circuit. (Robin Holland/IFC Films via AP)

Ethan Hawke’s new documentary is about pianist Seymour Bernstein’s decision to leave his concert career for teaching.

U.S. Universities Accept Record Number of Foreign Students

March 25, 2015
International students are pictured at Purdue University, which ranks second in the U.S. for its population of foreign students. (

A new report shows the number of international students being accepted by American universities is at an all-time high of 1.13 million.

Manatee Count Is Up And How Dogs Helped Take Neanderthals Down

March 25, 2015
A baby manatee born on April 24, 2014, swims at the Zoo Parc of Beauval on July 19, 2014. (Guillaume Souvant/AFP/Getty Images)

Vicki Croke of WBUR’s The Wild Life discusses manatees and other animal news, including elephants and the downfall of Neanderthals.

From The Battle Field To The Farm Field

March 25, 2015
Air Force veteran Sara Creech moved from Florida to a 43-acre farm in North Salem, Ind., to build Blue Yonder Organic Farm. (John Wendle for Harvest Public Media)

In recent years, thousands of veterans have showed an interest in farming as a way to find peace and purpose.

Kraft And Heinz To Merge, Bringing Together Prominent American Brands

March 25, 2015
Bottles of H.J. Heinz Co. Tomato Ketchup on February 15, 2013 in London, England. (Photo Illustration by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

The deal will form the world’s fifth-largest food and beverage company, bringing together American brands from Jell-O to Heinz Ketchup.

Indiana Governor To Sign Controversial ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill

March 25, 2015
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence gives a speech in Indianapolis on Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015. (Michael Conroy/AP)

The measure aims to protect business owners who say it violates their beliefs to serve gay couples. Critics say it allows discrimination.

With New App, StoryCorps Hopes To ‘Collect The Wisdom Of Humanity’

March 25, 2015
(Screenshot from

The app will allow anyone with access to a smartphone to record a conversation and submit it to the oral history project’s archive.

DJ Sessions: Opera Greats Past And Present

March 25, 2015
German opera singer Fritz Wunderlich (1930 - 1966) is pictured circa 1958. (Express Newspapers/Getty Images) and American opera singer Renee Fleming is pictured on, March 2, 2015, in New York. (Evan Agostini/Invision via AP)

Peter Van de Graaf shares some of his favorites, from the late German tenor Fritz Wunderlich to American soprano Renee Fleming.

Living With The Ceasefire In Eastern Ukraine

March 25, 2015
Soldiers of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DNR) take position in the frontline town of Shyrokyne, some 10 kms east of Mariupol, on March 20, 2015. The town, held by both DNR and Ukrainian troops, is a constant flashpoint with weekly casualties on both sides. (John MacDougall/AFP/Getty Images)

There are signs that life is returning to some sense of normalcy. The BBC’s Tom Burridge reports from Donetsk.

The College You Go To May Not Matter As Much As You Think

March 25, 2015
Students at the University of Birmingham take part in their degree congregations as they graduate on July 14, 2009 in Birmingham, England. Over 5000 graduates will be donning their robes this week to collect their degrees from The University of Birmingham. A recent survey suggested that there are 48 graduates competing for every job. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Frank Bruni writes in his new book that there are many colleges that are great, but just don’t get as much press.

Concerns About Nuclear Weapons Go Beyond Iran

March 25, 2015
Two Pakistani army soldiers watch a medium range surface-to-surface missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, passing by during the country's National Day military parade in Islamabad, March 23, 2000. (Saeed Khan/AFP/Getty Images)

Amid all the conversation about Iran’s nuclear program, what about the countries that already have nuclear weapons?

Talks Set To Resume On Iran’s Nuclear Program

March 25, 2015

The deadline is approaching on a framework for the deal that the West hopes will prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

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