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9/11 Mastermind to be Tried in New York


'Million-Dollar Throw'

13-year-old Nate Brodie gets the chance of a lifetime in best-selling author Mike Lupica's new book for young readers. Nate, who idolizes Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, can win a million bucks if he can make a perfect throw. His family needs the money, because his dad has lost his job. So Nate is dealing with that - and oh, did we mention his best friend Abby, a talented artist, is going blind. Mike Lupica joins us to talk about the book and how he got into writing for young readers.

Iranian Dissidents in Iraq

The People's Mujahadeen of Iran, known as the MEK, has been living in Iraq since the 1980's. The group is dedicated to overthrowing the Iranian government, and worked with Saddam Hussein to put down Kurdish and Shiite uprisings in Iraq. The MEK had been under American protection, but now the Iraqis have assumed responsibility for the group. That led to a bloody battle this summer, where 11 members of the MEK were killed. Now the Iraqi government wants the group to leave. Our guest, Army Reserve doctor, Col. Gary Morsch, got to know the MEK when he was stationed in Iraq in 2004. Now he wants to go back to help work out a solution to the mess.

The Porous Border between Afghanistan and Pakistan

The BBC's Orla Guerin reports from the tribal region of Bajaur where Pakistani commandos are complaining that the U.S. and Afghanistan are not doing enough to secure the border. Pakistan says militants are going into Afghanistan to re-arm themselves for a battle inside Pakistan.


Listeners weigh in on conversations about whether the U.S.  is too politically correct in how it handles Muslims in the military, the hair issue for many African American women, and musician Andy Williams.

Pirate Radio

As the new film, "Pirate Radio", opens today, we'll speak to one of the pirate DJs, Johnnie Walker. He was one of the voices that filled the airwaves from ships off the English coast during a time when the BBC offered very little pop music. Walker worked for a station on a ship. It was called Radio Caroline.

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This program aired on November 13, 2009.

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