Musical Disasters That Entertain08:30


Here & Now Guests:

  • Ryan Walsh, Hallelujah The Hills
  • Steve Almond, Here & Now literary critic

Rock musicians have a wealth of stories about concerts gone bad, equipment gone missing and crushingly bad reviews. Now singer/guitarist Ryan Walsh of the band Hallelujah the Hills, and Here and Now literary critic and self-proclaimed drooling fan Steve Almond have decided to channel some of those memories into an onstage show "This Has Been A Disaster, Thanks For Having Us."

Once a month, Ryan and Steve interview three musicians about their worst moments on stage and off.

Steve Almond told Here & Now's Robin Young, "It's unburdening for everybody involved and oftentimes funny to talk and luxuriate in the failures we all are by listening to somebody else."

Musician Ryan Walsh told Robin, "Rock and roll is something that's inherently embarrassing... but I haven't found anything else that's as fun or exciting or freeing."

The next show is June 26th in Porter Square Cambridge, Massachusetts.

This segment aired on June 23, 2011.

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