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Why Isn't The U.S. Adopting This Subway Car Design?06:13

Toronto has been using "open gangway" trains since 2011. (Sean_Marshall/Flickr)closemore
Toronto has been using "open gangway" trains since 2011. (Sean_Marshall/Flickr)

Around the world, many major cities trying to improve public transit have adopted city rail lines that use open gangways.

Instead of multiple cars strung together, an open gangway is one long car, allowing passengers to walk the full length of the train without getting out. The design is believed to increase rider capacity of trains and even make late-night riding safer.

But while open gangways are common in Europe and Asia, the United States has long avoided adoption. Here & Now's Jeremy Hobson speaks with Chicago city planner Yonah Freemark for his take on why.


This segment aired on October 14, 2015.

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