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WBUR is a proven birthplace of new ideas, new talent and new programs. The station has a rich history of innovation, starting in 1977 with Car Talk, followed by ground-breaking programs such as Here and Now, Only a Game and On Point.

Now in the digital age, we are committed to a creative era of reinvention. We will continue to explore and to incubate new programs and the WBUR iLab lies at the heart of this commitment. It is our center of innovation, imagination and ideas – a space to work out new concepts, new sound, new revenue streams and new programs and platforms, a space to embrace the enormous possibilities of the digital age.

Here we will take thoughtful risks, exploring new content and new ideas, investing in the new voices and thinkers who will create the next generation of content for public radio.

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Portraits Of Boston

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Portraits Of Boston is a project of independent photographer Ivan Velinov. He spends his days walking the streets of Boston, having conversations with the people he meets and taking beautiful portraits. His questions can be disarming, and the results are often surprising and touching. The iLab has partnered with Velinov to share a daily portrait on WBUR’s arts and culture site, The Artery.

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