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The Aftermath Of Tropical Storm Irene 13:00


With clear skies and calmer seas prevailing, the birds and the boats were back out on the water Monday, the day after Tropical Storm Irene barreled through New England.

The storm left damage and shaken nerves up and down the coast. And power outages continued Monday, with some 500,000 Massachusetts residents still without electricity.

For some residents, that could last for some time according to National Grid spokeswoman Amy Zorich:

"Currently in MA we have upwards of 335,500 customers still out and we are going to be bringing people back as quickly as we can throughout this week," Zorich said. "But it is possible that some customers could experience an outage into this weekend."

And farther north in New England, Vermont experienced  particularly severe flooding during the storm. In fact, the state hasn't seen flooding like this in decades.

Ross Sneyd of Vermont Public Radio and Lieutenant Govenor Tim Murray join Radio Boston to discuss post-Irene plans for their respective states.


  • Tim Murray, Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor
  • Ross Sneyd, news editor, Vermont Public Radio

This segment aired on August 29, 2011.

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