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Loved Ones 'Devastated' After Weymouth Murders

Outside of the Weymouth house where three people were killed Thursday night. (Lynn Jolicoeur for WBUR)
Outside of the Weymouth house where three people were killed Thursday night. (Lynn Jolicoeur for WBUR)

Loved ones of a Weymouth woman, her daughter and her boyfriend are trying to come to grips with the murder of the three, allegedly at the hands of the woman's son.

All day Saturday, friends and family members brought flowers, stuffed animals and candles to add to the memorial outside 10 Upland Rd. in Weymouth.

Weymouth Police say 18-year-old Donald Rudolph attacked and killed his mother, 50-year-old Paula Rudolph, and his sister, 24-year-old Caylin Rudolph, in their home Thursday. His mother's boyfriend, 52-year-old Frederick Medina, called a neighbor on his way home from work, expressing concern about his girlfriend because she wasn't answering the phone. He was killed when he entered the house.


Donald's family released a statement through the Norfolk district attorney, saying they are "devastated by this tragedy" and extend their sympathy to those impacted by it:

Paula, Caylin and Frederick were kind and caring people who went out of their way to help others. They adored Caylin's young daughters and enjoyed all of the daily activities with them. Our deepest sympathies also go out to the Medina family. Paula, Caylin and Frederick were all loved and will be forever missed.

Medina's sister, Pattie Roy, said she's haunted by thoughts of her brother's last moments. She says her brother was very devoted to his girlfriend and her family.

"He's probably thinking something might have been wrong, but I'm sure he didn't think it could have been like this drastic. I do wish he would've called the police first," she said.

"Obviously the son was very disturbed, and Fred wanted to stay with Paula and help her get through it. And it just is horrible. It just makes me sick how he died."

Weymouth Police won't say how Rudolph murdered his mother, sister and mother's boyfriend.

Rudolph is scheduled to be arraigned Monday in Quincy District Court.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


This program aired on November 12, 2011. The audio for this program is not available.

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