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Romney Finds His Groove In Rochester


Mitt Romney had the biggest event of his campaign in New Hampshire Sunday afternoon. More than 700 people packed the Opera House in the Rochester, N.H. to hear him speak. Romney seemed to have found his groove and at events like this he tends to talk about what makes America great.

"Those that wanted to build and create came here. It's in our DNA. It's kind of who we are. When I say DNA, I'm talking spiritually. It's just part of the American spirit to love freedom and to cherish the capacity to set it on course in life," Romney said. "It's what makes us the economic powerhouse we are. By the way, I know these are tough times."

Romney got a warm reception and opened up to the audience. You don't often hear Romney express that he's ever had any doubts, but on Sunday he talked about some of the doubts he had while working at Bain. He said on more than one occasion he thought he might get a pink slip. He didn't elaborate, but it is clear that it is important to Romney to stress his experience in the private sector.

During a debate on Sunday morning he took a hit from former Speaker Newt Gingrich, who told Romney to stop the "pious baloney" of pretending that he is not a lifelong politician. Gingrich tried to say Romney has been in politics since he lost his Senate battle to Edward Kennedy in 1994.

The crowd in Rochester was a mix of Romney supporters, people who came to the event undecided and were won over by his presentation, and people who are still undecided between Romney and Santorum. One couple felt that Santorum was a tougher candidate and would be better able to run against President Obama in the general election.

This program aired on January 8, 2012. The audio for this program is not available.

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