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7 Chosen To Run Marathon In Honor Of BU Student

Seven people with Boston University connections have been picked to run the Boston Marathon in honor of a student killed in the bombings last year.

Lu Lingzi (Musi_Zhang/Flickr)
Lu Lingzi (Musi_Zhang/Flickr)

Lu Lingzi was a 23-year-old graduate student from China. Her parents were given 15 bibs for runners who want to participate in the April 21 marathon, and they made seven available to members of the BU community.

Money raised will benefit the Lu Lingzi Scholarship Fund, which gives two graduate students an annual stipend and tuition for up to two years.

More than 200 prospective runners submitted essays or videos about why they wanted to run. Those chosen include another student from China about Lu's age and a master lecturer in physics who created an app that includes recent race results and the event's history.

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