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Martha's Vineyard Mourns Man Killed On Calif. Hike04:50


The Martha's Vineyard community was in mourning Tuesday, stunned by the loss of longtime local figure F. Patrick Gregory — stunned because of the way Gregory died.

He was murdered, killed on a remote hiking trail in northern California when he and a friend were confronted, robbed and then shot by an unknown assailant who's still at large.

The friend survived but Pat Gregory died on the trail. For 23 years, Gregory was the West Tisbury town moderator. He was just at the podium for town meeting in April. He was also a longtime teacher, shop owner and was an active community volunteer.

Vineyard Gazette editor Julia Wells joined WBUR's Morning Edition to discuss the community's reaction and Pat Gregory.

This segment aired on May 20, 2014.

Bob Oakes Twitter Host, Morning Edition
Bob Oakes has been WBUR's Morning Edition anchor since 1992.


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