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Patrick Watson Sings A Song For The 'Broken'

Patrick Watson's new song is titled "Broken."MoreCloseclosemore
Patrick Watson's new song is titled "Broken."

Patrick Watson sings with uncommon delicacy, whether his voice is set against grandiose orchestral arrangements or slow builds in which soft piano lines seem to beckon from another room. His songs unfold as journeys wherein every sound has a place and a purpose. Subtlety softens his loudest moments, intensity magnifies his whispers, and grace infuses every note.

Watson last released an album in 2015, when he filled Love Songs For Robots with dreamily rendered, falsetto-rich ruminations on the way human beings are wired. Today, he's following it with a gorgeous new standalone single, "Broken," in which Watson's softly radiant voice is set against spare but insistent pianos. Invoking regret-fueled late-night drives in both the song and its video, "Broken" finds Watson attempting to soothe the bearer of a battered heart — "Do you feel a little broken?" — with the sound of healing and comfort.

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