Wye Oak On World Cafe

Wye Oak. (Courtesy of the artist)
Wye Oak. (Courtesy of the artist)

We are live with the Baltimore duo at the Four Seasons in Austin for our Sense of Place series. We'll talk about their startlingly different new album and how it's altered their "folk band" status.

For our Sense of Place: Austin we are excited to bring you the Baltimore duo Wye Oak from the Four Seasons in Austin. Next month, the band's Andrew Stack and Jenn Wasner are releasing Shriek, the follow-up to their very well received 2011 album Civilian. The two albums are startlingly different. Wesner plays no guitar on the new one and instead, as we will hear today, concentrates on the bass. The songs written on bass are very different as well — it's the reinvention of Wye Oak.

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