Prison Puns Annoy Neighbors Of 'Felony Franks'



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An entrepreneur in Chicago faces accusations from a pastor that he's "pimping out" a community already struggling with crime, according to the Wall Street Journal. James Andrews opened Felony Franks on the city's tough West Side. With ex-convicts as staff, he offers "misdemeanor weiners" and "probation burgers."

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And today's last word in business is about an entrepreneur in Chicago who has a branding problem. The word is Felony Franks. That's the name of the hotdog stand that Jim Andrews opened on the city's West Side. He hires ex-convicts to staff the joint. That's what it's called here - a joint. Instead of hiding the fact of the ex-convicts, he makes the most of it. The menu offers in addition to Felony Franks and Misdemeanor Wieners - Probation Burgers.

The slogan is: Food so good it's criminal. Some locals are not amused by the prison puns. And according to the today's Wall Street Journal, a pastor accuses Andrews of pimping out a community that's already struggling with crime. Other people plan to boycott Felony Franks until Mr. Andrews changes the name and takes down the pictures of hotdogs wearing prison stripes.

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