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First Watch: Jonsi Live

What you're about to see and hear is a song from a concert we webcast live back in the fall of 2010. The production of this video is more conceptual than the simple capturing of a live event. Film director Dean DuBlois, who previously directed the Sigur Rós film Heima, was on hand to direct the six-camera shoot, giving the work a stylized and highly composed feel.

The show was filmed live at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles. The stage is described as a burnt-out warehouse, and much of what happens is done with video projection. But this isn't video projection on a big screen; this is video projection as a set element, more like a live film. Read more about the elaborate technical staging of the show from NPR's All Tech Considered.

The entire concert will be available on iTunes starting Feb. 1.

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Jonsi performing live at The Wiltern, in Los Angeles, October 17, 2010.

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