Are We Evolving Into A Different Species?

"We have a whole lot of power over what lives or dies on this planet and we have to think very carefully about what that means and how we're using it." -Juan Enriqez (TED)

Part 6 of the TED Radio Hour episode How It All Began.

About Juan Enriquez

Juan Enriquez argues that human evolution is far from over — homo sapiens are becoming a new species right before our eyes.

About Juan Enriquez's TED Talk

Juan Enriquez was the founding director of the Harvard Business School Life Sciences Project. He was a member of a marine-based team to collect genetic data from the world's oceans. He is a managing director at Excel Medical Ventures, a life sciences venture capital firm, and the chair and CEO of Biotechonomy, a research and investment firm helping to fund new genomics firms. His forthcoming book, Evolving Ourselves, is co-written with Steve Gullans.

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