The Spin: Istanbul's Jam Is Yalin's 'Ah Be Kardesim'



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Summer deserves its own soundtrack -- for the beach, for warm nights and for the road. But don't worry if your travel budget is tight: This summer, All Things Considered and NPR Music will take you on a global journey through music. We're checking in on DJs, musicians and writers for the songs that define summer in some of the world's most vibrant cities. We're calling it The Spin.

Istanbul, Turkey's liminal position straddling both the European and Asian continents makes it a hotbed for all sorts of different people and crisscrossed cultures. On top of its deep historical roots, the city's cosmopolitan mystique has helped it become a destination for hopping nightlife. Gul Tuysuz is a freelance writer in Istanbul, and the song that sticks in her head after strolling through the city's bustling main street -- Istiklal Avenue -- is Yalin's "Ah Be Kardesim." The song has a fun, electric, danceable beat worthy of a summer hit, but its sound is unmistakably Turkish.

"It's using really traditional Anatolian rock rhythms," Tuysuz tells All Things Considered host Michele Norris, "so it makes you want to move in a different way -- in a Turkish way -- as well as making you jump up and down."

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