Indian Trust Money

GUESTS: DOMINIC NESSI Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs, Interior Dept. Acting Director, Office of Economic Development for the Bureau of Indian Affairs Former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Native American Programs at HUD ELOUISE COBELL Director, Blackfeet Reservation Development Fund, Inc. (Browning, MT) Project Director of the Individual Indian Monies Trust Correction and Recovery Project Chair, Board of Director for the Blackfeet National Bank Testimony has begun in a class action suit filed by Native Americans against the federal government for mismanaging their assets. Over a hundred years ago, Congress authorized the Secretary of the Interior to take allotted land in trust for the benefit of Indians. But Indians say the trusts have been mishandled and neglected by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). They're demanding an accurate account of the trust funds, but the BIA has failed to produce the needed records. Join Ray Suarez and guests to discuss the Indian Trust Fund, record keeping, and the law suit for reparations.

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