Detroit Truck Responds To City's Food Desert Crisis



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Detroit's inner city is home to one of the worst "food deserts" in the country. One researcher found that in 2007, more than half a million city residents live in areas where it's far easier to find a fast-food restaurant than it is to find a mainstream grocery store. "Peaches & Greens" was born to help residents access good produce right where they live. Like an ice cream truck wandering summer neighborhoods, Peaches & Greens sends a truck out to offer fresh produce, wandering central city streets to get nutritious food where residents can get to it without a long drive, bus or cab ride. Host Michel Martin speaks with Lisa Johanon, executive director of Peaches & Greens, and Marvin Jenkins, a truck driver for Peaches & Greens who knows first - hand the welcome this two-year old business has received street by street.

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