Viking's Choice: 2010's Best Metal And Outer Sound

In the middle of recording their year-end conversation about metal, drone and outer sound on Dec. 17, NPR Music producer Lars Gotrich and All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen heard about the passing of Don Van Vliet, better known as Captain Beefheart. It seemed fitting, then, in the midst of progressive metal and meditative drone music, to pay a small tribute to the man who inspired many musicians to think "out."

Lars Gotrich's analog, year-end list-making technique has become more bloodthirsty this time around (now with video!). In this episode, then, it shouldn't be that surprising when he describes one album as a "looped liturgy for the apocalypse" and another as "fire coming out of the fog." But in the midst of all the heavy chaos, he still finds music that levitates.

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11. Drunkdriver, Self Titled LP
12. Thou, Summit
13. Locrian, Territories and The Crystal World
14. Woe, Quietly, Undramatically
15. Ihsahn, After
16. Mary Halvorson Quintet, Saturn Sings
17. Salome, Terminal
18. Jenks Miller and Nicolas Szczepanik, American Gothic
19. Eli Keszler, Oxtirn
20. Sailors With Wax Wings, Sailors With Wax Wings
21. Buke and Gass, Riposte
22. Flying Lotus, Cosmogramma
23. Jan Bang, ...And Poppies from Kandahar
24. Jon Mueller, The Whole
25. Against Me!, White Crosses

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