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Parents Or Judges: Who Should Rule On Happy Meals?

The news today that an influential consumer group has filed a lawsuit in California seeking to end McDonald's toy giveaways with fast-food meals for kids raised a question about the appropriate venue for deciding what kids should eat.

Should the answer come in a courtroom or the dining room? A sentiment expressed forcefully in quite a few comments to our post on the suit say it's parents' responsibility to make sure their kids eat right. Don't blame a company or look to a law for the answer.

Robin Paulin (SemperFi86) wrote:

Wake up America! Take an active roll in parenting and responsibility. Stop passing blame on society for your inability to be an effective parent!!! Times are tough and we have to be patient and tough too. Kids have been pestering parents sinces time began...they're kids, that's what they do. You have the option, as the responsible adult, to say "No" but how about if we...Start leading by example instead of caving in and blaming someone else!

But, another thread of opinion holds that restrictions on marketing to kids are overdue:

Marty Kassowitz (mkass) wrote:

It is high time McDonalds and other companies targeting kids with non-nutrient, fattening foods were reigned in. Their contribution to the massive obesity and childhood obesity rates in this country are a testimony to predatory marketing practices.

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