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Juana Molina: A Swirling Sonic Dreamland

After a stint on TV in her native Argentina, Juana Molina has made a name for herself by crafting intricate soundscapes reflective of her native culture. It's easy to get lost in her mix of acoustic guitar, ambient electronica and soothing vocals. Molina is known for writing, mixing and performing her otherworldly tracks, as she carefully assembles each fragile piece with homemade loops and recording equipment.

Following the more natural approach to songwriting of her album Son, Molina's new fifth album, Un Dia, marks a departure from previous works. Though the disc retains her intimate sound, its hypnotically pulsing rhythms weave between dissonant melodies and swooning looped vocals to create a textured sonic landscape.

In this session, Molina discusses how her sitcom celebrity influenced her career as a musician, as well as the elements that make her sound accessible to both Spanish-speaking and non-Spanish-speaking audiences.

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