Heartless Bastards On World Cafe

Erika Wennerstrom, Dave Colvin, Jesse Ebaugh and Mark Nathan of Heartless Bastards. (Nathan Presley)

The Cincinnati band Heartless Bastards is led by Erika Wennerstrom, whose husky vocals have fueled the group's progression into a powerhouse rock force on its fourth studio album, Arrow. The new record marinates in all that is classic rock — catchy hooks, big riffs, a powerful voice — but also sets itself apart with Wennerstrom's distinct voice.

That said, Arrow's strength doesn't just come from Wennerstrom. After many lineup changes in the last decade, the band's new-found cohesiveness has played a part. Arrow was written fresh off a month-long tour to best capture the group's live sound; its songs will no doubt continue to morph as Heartless Bastards' members make their way across the country on a spring tour.

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