Top Stories: Ebola Latest; Syrian Kurds Get U.S. Airdrops

Good morning, here are our early stories:

-- Turkey Says It's Helping Iraqi Kurds Join Fight For Kobani.

-- Latest Developments In The Ebola Story.

And here are more early headlines:

Hong Kong Official Blames Outside Governments For Unrest. (Businessweek)

Hurricane Ana Swirls Away From Hawaii. (Los Angeles Times)

Indonesia Swears In President Widodo. (Jakarta Post)

Nepal To End Search For Stranded Hikers, Most Located. (AP)

Sweden Looks For Suspected Russian Sub Near Stockholm. (Guardian)

Croatian Police Arrest Zagreb Officials Accused Of Corruption. (Deustche Welle)

French Troops Seize Mali Arms Cache Linked To Peacekeeper Death. (Reuters)

Denver's Manning Sets Record For Most Touchdowns Thrown. (USA Today)

PHOTO: Scientist Discovers A Spider The Size Of A Small Dog. (CBS)

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