Black Dub On Mountain Stage

Producer, guitarist and songwriter Daniel Lanois (U2, Bob Dylan) first met Trixie Whitley while working with her father, Chris Whitley. Now, Trixie's voice is a focal point of the legendary producer's new collective, Black Dub.

Lanois and Whitley are joined here by world-renowned drummer Brian Blade and bassist James Wilson to perform songs from Black Dub's self-titled debut.

This recording marks Lanois' third appearance on Mountain Stage since 1989, and features "Sing" and "JJ Leaves L.A.," which were not heard on the radio broadcast. "Agave," referred to by Lanois as a "cinematic" number, appears on his 2008 album, Belladonna. Lanois' latest work with Neil Young, Le Noise, is nominated for several awards, including Best Rock Album, at the 2010 Grammy Awards.

  • "Nomad"
  • "Surely"
  • "Sing"
  • "Agave"
  • "JJ Leaves L.A."
  • "Ring the Alarm"
  • "Silverado"

The Black Dub sound is a shimmering blend of dub-inflected rock with bursts of improvisation amid Lanois' signature guitar riffs and Whitley's soulful vocals.

This segment originally aired on January 10, 2011.

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