Theo Parrish, 'Be In Yo Self'

Theo Parrish's new album, American Intelligence, is due out Dec. 8. (Courtesy of the artist)

For years, Detroit has been the undisputed cradle of techno music with producer/DJ/composer Theo Parrish one of its foremost ambassadors. With the release of his latest album, American Intelligence, Parrish ups the ante on techno's future, a direction epitomized by the track "Be In Yo Self."

With vocal assists from Detroit-based artists Ideeyah and Duminie DePorres, "Be In Yo Self," deftly melds techno with electronica, nu-jazz and funk elements, laid atop a very robust and bluesy canvas. The 13-minute song feels epic — Parrish builds the track in both tone and emotion and finally climaxes with minimalist sound painting as both vocalists utter inverted declarative whispers to each other with the refrain, "Hey suga, would you dance a little closer to me."

With its heavy groove and emotional base, "Be In Yo Self," confirms why Detroit is still the hub for techno music and why it will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

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