Pop Culture Happy Hour: 'Jane The Virgin' And Sexy Sex Thrillers

On this week's show, we start off by chatting with our friend Barrie Hardymon about the CW's terrific telenovela adaptation Jane The Virgin. Why the show is so good, why the show is so different, why the show has been so well received, and have we mentioned how much we adore the lead, Gina Rodriguez? (If you haven't ever read the speech she gave at press tour about turning down Devious Maids, which I reference in the discussion, you really should.)

And then we take the opportunity of the new Jennifer Lopez film The Boy Next Door to talk ... well, first to talk about how bonkers the movie The Boy Next Door is, and then to talk about the great tradition of sex thrillers, through old film noir and the Fatal Attraction anxiety era up to now. We talk about what happens when you play around with the gender politics of this kind of film, how Beyonce might fare in a fist fight, and lots more. (You'd be surprised how much material we can get from the morality plays that are the erotic thrillers of cinema.)

As always, we close the show with what's making us happy this week. Stephen is happy about two upcoming tribute records. Glen is happy about a new teaser trailer in which basically nothing happens and a show that's recently wrapped up. Barrie is happy about the HBO show Togetherness and a recent episode she loved of a show we've often recommended. My list of happy things includes a galley I'm reading, a great podcast episode, another great podcast episode, talking about a favorite TV show, and our tickets that will be going on sale next week for the live Oscars Omnibus.

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