Getting Personal With Alt.Latino Guest DJ Natalia Clavier



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Natalia Clavier. (Courtesy of the artist)
Natalia Clavier. (Courtesy of the artist)

This week on Alt.Latino, things get emotional quickly. That usually happens when singer Natalia Clavier and I get more than five minutes to talk about her music. The only difference: This time, we recorded it and added songs.

The result provides an insight into how Clavier's emotions and passions fuel not just her performances, but also her songwriting process. She says she's in a period of personal transition, and that the experience is spilling out in songs she expects to release later this year.

For now, Clavier is sharing some of her favorite vocalists with us. She put together a playlist that reflects where her heart and spirit are now, and we include that on this page.

People are rarely this honest about their emotions in a one-to-one conversation, let alone with a podcast audience. Listen in.

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