Splitsville: Breaking Up With Your Favorite Bands

Clockwise from top left: U2, Neil Young, Weezer, Paula Cole. (Courtesy of the artists)

This week: the moment it all went wrong, relived in vivid detail. Members of the All Songs Considered crew share stories of hope and heartache as they remember some of the bands they've broken up with over the years and why. NPR Music's Daoud Tyler-Ameen joins co-hosts Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton for the discussion.

Context is everything here, so the three narrowed their picks into four basic categories: bands you swore off entirely and never looked back; bands you simply grew away from with age; bands you no longer follow, but you still remember the good times; and bands you'll stick by no matter what. Prepare for pride-swallowing tales of joy and pain, smooth jazz and second-wave emo, outrage and, ultimately, redemption.

Tell us about your casual hook-up bands, the ones that broke up with you, the ones you secretly long for and more, on the All Songs Considered blog.

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