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Ziggy Marley: Mixing Music And Philanthropy

The son of the late reggae king Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley has filled his father's shoes in more ways than just musical success. Ziggy's humanitarian work, combined with his impressive musical career, have given the singer worldwide recognition.

Today, after the break-up of his longtime band The Melody Makers, Ziggy Marley is giving back while holding down a solo career. He heads and participates in multiple philanthropic organizations focused on children, including the Unlimited Resources Giving Enlightenment, which provides under-privileged U.S. children with a door into the musical world.

So it makes sense that his latest album, Family Time, powerfully blends his love of children with his musical career. Produced specifically for a younger audience, this bright and funky mix of tracks features an all-star cast of family and friends. Rita Marley, Jack Johnson, Paul Simon, Willie Nelson and Jamie Lee Curtis all make appearances, singing and speaking about perseverance, music and having fun in life.

This segment originally ran 9/10/09

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