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Tom Verlaine: Beyond Television00:00

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Tom Verlaine.

A living legend, Tom Verlaine is known for his work as lead singer and guitarist for the '70s art-punk band Television, as well as his fruitful solo career. His lyrically innovative guitar lines and song structures, along with his oft-cryptic lyrics, have earned him a place in the rock-guitar canon.

Television's debut, 1977's Marquee Moon, is widely regarded as one of the most influential records of its era, and it had an enormous impact on much of the underground music that followed. Following the band's sophomore album and subsequent dissolution, Verlaine began to release records under his own name, to critical acclaim and respectable sales.

Now, 2006 finds Verlaine making up for the 14-year wait since his last release with two new albums: the instrumental Around and the more song-oriented Songs and Other Things. On the latter, Verlaine returns to the fractured, guitar-centric pop of his earlier solo work, with astounding results. Around is more focused on creating and sustaining moods, as on the gorgeous "The O of Adore" and the tightly constructed "Rain, Sidewalk."

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