Ry Cooder With The Chieftains On World Cafe

The unique, concept album San Patricio is the brainchild of musicians Ry Cooder and Paddy Maloney, giants in their respective folk genres, who share a long-time friendship and an apparent interest in history, and brought both to their appearance on World Cafe.

Maloney is a founder of the internationally recognized Irish ensemble, The Chieftains. He began tinkering with a tin whistle at the age of six, and has since made 45 albums and won six Grammys.

Famed slide-guitarist Ry Cooder boasts an impressive resume as well, with four Grammys and collaborations with names such as The Rolling Stones, Van Morrison and Earl Hines, as well as The Chieftains. Cooder's blend of Tex-Mex and gospel soul resonates with artists and audiences alike.

In creating San Patricio Maloney and Cooder were inspired by the story of a group of Irish immigrant soldiers who left the American army to fight for Mexico in the Mexican-American War. The album's seamless combination of Irish and Mexican folk songs provides for a distinctive listening experience, and has grabbed the attention of both critics and fans.

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