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Gwen Zabicki: Music Picks for Summer00:00


All music is not created equal -- and some songs are best at certain times of the year. That's the theory of art student Gwen Zabicki. She says her musical tastes range from 1940's lounge music to the very latest in Japanese pop.

As part of our What Are You Listening To? series, Zabicki offers her suggestions for the season to other All Things Considered listeners.

Zabicki is a fan of Nagisa Ni Te, the Japanese group whose name is roughly translated to mean "On the Beach." The rock and roll ethos overcomes any language difficulties, however.

Maxine Sullivan is a long-performing jazz vocalist who has lacked the recognition won by many of her peers. But her unique styling and strong voice are sure to win over new fans.

And finally, there's Phil 'n' the Blanks, a group that defies description -- or at least short descriptions. The rock group has handled many lineup changes, with talented musicians passing through.

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