The Craziest Sports You've Never Seen

Hog Wrassling, Viroqua, Wisc. (Courtesy of Sol Neelman)
Hog Wrassling, Viroqua, Wisc. (Courtesy of Sol Neelman)

With the Olympics right around the corner, there's a lot of attention focused on athletes. But events like mutton busting, Big Wheel racing and live monster wrestling won't be featured in London this year — and photographer Sol Neelman likes it that way.

"It's got to make me laugh, it's got to be photogenic, and cheap beer is a bonus," says the former newspaper photographer who now travels the world in search of offbeat and surreal sporting events.

Neelman has been covering wacky games since 2005 after deciding that life needed to be more fun. In April he released a book showcasing what he calls "Weird Sports."

"I've always loved sports and sports photography, so I tried to expand my realm and find things that were off the grid," he says.

"The bar is pretty high, but people keep raising it," he says. "I'll be doing weird sports till I die."

The Dirty Dash, Midway, Utah
The Dirty Dash, Midway, Utah

Have a weird sport idea for Neelman? Leave it in the comments section below. He's also selling limited editions of his book, complete with a custom luchador mask.

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