Inspired by Sounds of Brazil

News & Notes director Taylor Chapulin Orci recently attended the concert "Brasilintime" and chose a selection of songs for her pick of the week. Artists performing at the concert included Babu, J.Rocc, Cut Chemist and Madlib.

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Today, our song pick of the week comes from NEWS & NOTES director Taylor Chapulin Orci. Hey, Taylor.

TAYLOR CHAPULIN ORCI: Hi. How are you doing, Farai?

CHIDEYA: So song pick, what do you got for us today?

CHAPULIN ORCI: Well, last week, I was at a concert. It's called "Brasilintime." Basically, what Brasilintime is, is a group of DJs and samba players from Brazil who got together and made a documentary basically about their new collaboration of music.

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CHIDEYA: When you looked on stage, who were the players?

CHAPULIN ORCI: Oh, some of the DJs I recognized. There was J-Rocc, there was Madlib, there was Cut Chemist and there was Babu who I'm a big fan of. There were some other people that I wasn't so familiar with. And if you're one of those women that likes cute, little old men, you really missed out because there was a guy named - who calls himself Mamao who was fantastic. It was a really great collaboration between generations and between styles.

CHIDEYA: So describe what this music actually sounds like.

CHAPULIN ORCI: It sounds like - oh, it's percussion heavy. There's an organic sound of the percussion and then the DJs come and they kind of mess with that. It's really great.

CHIDEYA: So what do you think that DJs and samba players actually have in common?

CHAPULIN ORCI: Well, the great thing - and this is the thing that I liked about the concert so much is that I think that samba players and DJs are a lot about history. Samba is a lot about history. And you know, DJs when they're - you know, when you have songs and you cite samples, you really are paying respect to people who came before you and who are responsible for inspiring you to get to where you are. And so what you really saw on stage was this intense collaboration of history, between cultures and generations, and between styles. You have a very organic style and you had this very technical style, which is turntablism and I think it was also a testament to the fact that DJs are artists.

CHIDEYA: And finally, do you have any information on when the movie is going to come out?

CHAPULIN ORCI: There's - it's a DVD. The DVD is now presale and it's coming out soon. And as far as I know right now, they're just trying to show it wherever they can and you can buy the DVD. You can order it online.

CHIDEYA: All right. Well, Taylor, we'll have more information online and thanks so much.

CHAPULIN ORCI: Thank you, Farai.

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CHIDEYA: That was NEWS & NOTES director Taylor Chapulin Orci with her music pick of the week. It's the collaboration "Brasilintime."

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I'm Farai Chideya. This is NEWS & NOTES. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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