Royal Thunder, 'Time Machine'

Royal Thunder. (Courtesy of the artist)
Royal Thunder. (Courtesy of the artist)

Royal Thunder's "Time Machine" wields power from nuance. In just two albums, the Atlanta band has become a modern master of hard-rock restraint — no small feat given its affinity for psychedelic wandering and songs that typically wouldn't fit one side of a 7" single. Which is saying nothing of Mlny Parsonz's belting voice.

Built around a dramatic melody more suited to a power ballad, "Time Machine" moves with the stubborn resolve of a tightrope walker on a windy day: The song heaves along with intertwining guitars and the soulful vocal of Parsonz, who seems more aware of her dynamic abilities than ever. This is especially the case when, after what can only be called a crooning atmospheric bridge, the thundering chorus returns, conjuring slow-burning ecstasy in the process.

Crooked Doors comes out April 7 on Relapse.

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