Heavy Rotation: 10 Songs Public Radio Can't Stop Playing

Liam Bailey. (Courtesy of the artist)

Heavy Rotation is a monthly sampler of public radio hosts' favorite songs. Check out past editions here.

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Now let's get a music recommendation. Each month, NPR Music asks public radio hosts and DJs to name a new song they play on the air a lot, a song in heavy rotation. Today our guest is DJ Anne Litt of a member station KCRW in Los Angeles. The artist she recommends is Liam Bailey and the song in heavy rotation is called "Stun Me."

ANNE LITT, BYLINE: Liam Bailey is a British soul, blues, reggae singer who was born from an English mom. He has a Jamaican dad, and an early supporter of his was Amy Winehouse. He actually made a couple of EPs for her Lioness label, and finally after all these years, he's come around to release his debut. This is his first proper release.


LIAM BAILEY: (Singing) I need to know this. My love, I need to understand the meaning of your words.

LITT: The song is about a man - Liam perhaps - who's in love with a woman, and the song starts off with his desperate need to know her, to be with her. Once we get into the meat of the song, you realize that when he says, look at how you stunned me now, that he's not stunned because of her love for him; he's stunned because she doesn't love him anymore.


BAILEY: (Singing) But you came and took my world away. And now I'm here in a million miles space saying, look how you stunned me now. Look how you stunned me now.

LITT: I think from my perspective as a DJ, people like to hear songs about other people feeling sad because it makes us all feel less alone in the world. I think that there's a universality about heartbreak.


BAILEY: (Singing) I only want to turn the clock back on the wall, I only want to see your coat back in the hall.

LITT: It seems to be a song that gets people more than any other that I've played on this album, and I will say this album is going to end up in my top 10 for the year, I can tell you that already. I think this song touches - I think it touches a chord.


BAILEY: (Singing) I only want you.

INSKEEP: That's Anne Litt of our member station KCRW in Los Angeles. She's talking about Liam Bailey's new song "Stun Me." And you can find more recommendations at Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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