Moby And Kelli Scarr: Tiny Desk Concert

Moby performs at NPR.
Moby performs at NPR.

Like all musicians who tackle Project Song, Moby had two days to write and record a new song from scratch. He and his collaborator, singer Kelli Scarr, came in feeling nervous. But in six short hours, they were done and wondering what to do with their remaining time.

So they not only recorded an acoustic version of their song, but they also treated NPR's staff to the first-ever live performance of "Gone to Sleep."

On an early winter's evening, with an acoustic guitar and lyric sheet in hand, Moby and Kelli Scarr strolled up to my desk and gave a small concert. It was a casual affair — Moby took a seat on my desk and sang a few cover tunes to warm up.

Over their two days at NPR, it was fascinating to see how the idea for "Gone to Sleep" unfolded. Moby and Kelli Scarr quickly went from anxiousness to confidence in performing the brand-new song live. You can see that creative process unfold by watching the Project Song video here.

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