Song Premiere, Robin Bacior, 'If It Does'

Robin Bacior's new album, Water Dreams, comes out Jan. 13. (Courtesy of the artist)

Robin Bacior's honeyed but vibrant voice hits gently, bestowing the listener with comfort and calm. The Portland singer-songwriter knows exactly what kind of arrangements suit her best: In "If It Does," from her forthcoming album Water Dreams, that gorgeous voice is laid atop a spare but shimmering bed of piano — and paired perfectly with Dan Bindschedler's cello.

This is subtle, nuanced music: Like the rest of Bacior's work, "If It Does" doesn't grab you audaciously. But it doesn't let go, either.

Here's Bacior, writing about "If It Does":

"I watched a lot of artists, my friends, be swept up or dumped by hype, and all the crazy behavior it brought out. Music is a hard, volatile business, but above that it's a passion, and the mix of those two left me with a lot of chaotic emotion. 'If It Does' is about my frustration with buzz, but it's also about putting that aside and allowing myself to believe in something. Not wishing anything over the top, just to write and play songs that people can enjoy."

Robin Bacior's Water Dreams comes out Jan. 13, 2015.

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